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Project Blue Balls.

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by Nelson, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Made a bit of a start....

    Will have shiney new 998R stylie fairings, just slapped a few bits together for inspiration...:rolleyes:

    Yes, that dent in the tank if from my balls!
    Just call me Lord Iron Cock!


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  2. holy mary mother of god - I dont have any and making my eyes water
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  3. It wants some carbon airtubes does that.......................:wink:
  4. WoW huge dick shaped crease going on there, Nelson ,or should we call you one eye.:eek:
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  5. Sure does....and a nice fairing bracket...:wink:
  6. Those weren't the pics I was expecting
  7. And I'm grateful for that :smile:
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  8. I thought it was about this alien files thing i.e. UFO's not IFC's (identified flying cock):biggrin:
  9. Not sure the OP can find his now - probably embedded in his abdomen... :eek:
  10. In the back of the ambulance I was instructed to check all was present an correct!
    Alarmingly for one moment I thought I had three!
    Transpires it was a Ford Mondeo ball joint...:eek:
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  11. FVck yeah..!!!

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  12. How'd you find fitting it?
  13. Straight on mate.
    Need to check the clearance back tyre to zorst.... It's a bit close! The 848 swinger is longer.
  14. Mine was a pain in the ass. Y section was the hardest. Took a lot of jiggling around. Cans don't like coming off/ going on easily either. They have to though as I can only get the baffles out with a rod and hammer!

    all it needs now is a polish!
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    Last edited: Jun 25, 2013
  16. Yup, works fine - tested if the Crown Jewels are working yet (no linkys, please!) :eek:

    btw, the term "blue balls" in Brazil is the designation given to the boss man, e.g. "I have the blue balls!" When said by an incoming MD means he is trying to be authoritarian (well, at least according to my engineering team leader in Brazil, that is what it means)
  17. Not very loud. Did you have the baffles in?:wink:
  18. Humph...:tongue:
  19. Purdy.... Need an oem heat shield....This one is rubbish...!


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