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1200 Pronunciation

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by apatchy, Mar 3, 2020.

  1. Now i am the proud owner....Is the correct pronunciation of Multistrada

    "Mul tis truda"

    it was on a spoof on you tube - i think it's quite catchy!!
  2. 'Mutley' is correct I believe :D;)
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  3. Fugley :thinkingface:
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  4. I can help with this :D

    fugly is the term for the 1000 and 1100 multistrada's. These were true icons and are only ridden by men comfortable in thier own sexuality and never read gq magazine

    strada or multi, is the term for eveything after the fugly's and generally ridden by men who like bromance's, designer adventure gear and watched the long way round but only wanted to go as far as waitrose.

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  5. ...and Chris :thinkingface:
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  6. i guess now that we are oot, the proper pronunciation is, many roads.
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  7. and finm o_O
  8. Your right, mul tis truda is Italian for “face only a mama loves”
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  9. and finm what?
  10. :kissing:Sorry guys! You’re all wrong...

    Its Mutleystrada....

    C’mon... you lot should already know that.!
  11. Hi buddy :blush::upyeah:
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  12. how do.
  13. I let my Mrs listen, she’s Japanese....

    She said that was borrocks.!

    So there you have it...

    Borrocks it is.!
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  14. She meant bollocks but she can’t say it.!

    Hee hee...:kissing_heart:

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