Public Sector P*ss Taking:

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  1. My other half works for one of the NHS trusts and this type of thing is not uncommon, several of her superiors have been taken redundancy and then been re-employed immediately . One other very wasteful thing this particular trust did was to use a temporary receptionist on a 2 year contract and paid very high agency rates the whole 2 years. Any normal private business would have employed someone on a fixed 2 year contract on a normal salary and saved £thousands.
    I hear lots of other stories of waste on a grand scale and this is just 1 office in 1 trust.
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  2. the same wealthy people avoiding tax are the same people that come up with these schemes. it aint that confusing.
  3. I work with the public sector (NHS) from a supplier perspective and I'm gob smacked nearly every week by the incompetence shown by very senior NHS management.
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  4. I think sometimes it's clear that yes enough money IS being thrown at the nhs but like a charity donation, what goes into helping people is rarely the same amount that does end up where it was intended
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  5. It is confusing - are you saying that wicked hedge fund managers, and senior people at Amazon and Google are moonlighting as UK public sector managers and Civil Servants, and dreaming up over-generous redundancy packages?!
  6. Two wrongs don't make a right.
    Blaming the private sector for worse behaviour is the stock response whenever holier-than-thou public "servants" are caught behaving badly and is why they continually get away with it.
    The big difference is that shareholders can get rid of thieves,or we can take our business elsewhere.
    Not so with the public sector: we pay regardless.
    The hypocrisy of these laughably named civil,"servants",is breathtaking. They claim they are performing some noble duty,but choosing the safe and for some,highly lucrative option of working in the public sector is nothing but a career choice
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  7. i think they all sit at the same table and sip from the same cup. but i guess its only evil if illegal. we allow it to happen, so meh. who cares?.
    if i mind right something similar was happening in some of our colleges up here a while back, think i am right in saying our education secretary at the time fired them or some kind of disciplinary action was taken.
  8. Ah. yeah. I remember that.

    Some numpty education spokesman from the South casually mentioned when he was up beyond the Wall that the ball-of-fire-in-the-sky-god was in fact an enormous sphere of fusing hydrogen and nearly started a revolt. Idiot. He was lucky not to be eaten and killed. Yeah, in that order.
  9. no loz.good guess but i think some of the board of a a collage made themselves redundant payed themselves above some kind of acceptable threshold then went back on a daily rate or sumit.
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  10. Spending on the NHS needs a thorough, grown up review to eliminate waste. The trouble is that it's used as a political football and any attempt to do so would elicit cries of "Cuts". I think that nasty Tory, Anne Widdecome puts it better than I could.