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1200 DVT Question Out Of Curiosity......adventure Helmets

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Funners, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. Yes

    8 vote(s)
  2. No

    26 vote(s)
  3. Tried both decided on Adv

    3 vote(s)
  4. Tried both decided on Road

    5 vote(s)
  1. :) Following on from a rather err....."energetic" discussion on another board, how many of us wear Peaked Adventure style lids ?
    how many have tried both normal and peaked before deciding ?
    this is purely for my own interest, Poll attached
    Many Thanks:D

    I've had to select 1200DVT as a prefix but obvs its open to any Mutly rider :upyeah:
  2. I think for completeness, you should add the modular style of helmet. Most of the adventure style bike riders I know wear modular. Andy
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  3. Andy by Modular to you mean flip front etc ? if so thats not the thrust of my question (ooh errr) but rather peaked or not IYSWIM ? :)
  4. Peaked make your neck tired when you're pressing on, due to extra wind resistance. The only benefit I can see for on-road use, is the visor against the sun but most helmets have drop-down shades anyway, which negates it.
  5. At legal speeds they are fine but can be very noisy for prolonged motorway miles.
    Roomy and well ventilated for warmer days, cold and draughty in the winter months.

    I have ran the Arai tourX versions for many years on mutley and ktm adv bikes while commuting
    or on long tours. For a day of dedicated hooning, I would switch back to a road based lid.
  6. Ok
    Okay. Andy
  7. I have both styles. Both Arai :) Both excellent.
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  8. I have and use both.

    Weather, where/ how far I'm going, which bike I'm riding, how fast I expect to be riding all come into the decision.

    Where do I put my vote?
  9. Still got a Shoei hornet2. Great helmet..but now ride without the peak due to neck problems. Suppose if you travel everywhere under the speed limit they work fine, peak way better than drop down sun visor. Other issue apart from neck, rain does not clear well, seems to be trapped in pocket of air on the visor surface.
  10. Open face yes but fuck off looking like a member of xbox halo master chief. Though my helmet can go full-face in a jiffy :)
  11. :grinning: Anywhere you want....
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  12. Yes but you is Speschul Paddy...;)
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  13. for a bit of clarity, I was trying to not influence the voting, interesting that quite a few of you find the peak hard work or have removed it.
    my "Discussion" on another place was along the lines of disagreeing with a members sweeping statment that Peaked lids were totally unsuitable for use on a Multi and in fact were the cause of the buffeting (or at least making it worse) and that they were unusable....and I didnt agree which led to all sorts of sweeping statements yada yada yada.
    my own findings are that I prefer a Peaked lid as in a "Normal" lid I get some very off airflow which does move my head around like a Poltergeist has hold of it, the peaked version does away with this totally, I also dont suffer from issues with the peak with regards to lifesavers, noise, lift and any one of a number of other symptoms brought up by this gent.
    Now I'll be the 1st to admit, I've worn Peaked lids for years and years, for MX, Enduro and probably most importantly Super Moto, where whilst the speeds are down (about 100mph or so) theres bugger all wind protection.
    I've had a Shoei Hornet, a BMW Adv lid (Uvex lid I believe)a Tour X and now a Schuberth and out of them the only one I had any issues with was the BMW lid as the peak and visor vibrated in the airflow:confused:
    990Glen made the comment abut TX's been draughty and cold in winter...:joy: Bloody too right, noisiest and coldest lid ever even with the chin spoiler down
    the others werent too bad but again, Ive been used to wearing MX lids in the depths of winter when you cant feel your face !
    current Schuberth E1 is much quieter, Peak is smaller and catches the wind less and is adjustable but the E1 is basically a C1 with a Peak so road lid but not...
    I wear the E1 exclusively and the TX hasnt had an outing since I got the E1....
    Thanks for the info gents :upyeah:
  14. Riding a fugly with standard screen and me being at 6ft 3, I had an arai tour x 4. I only add those because buffetting and noise seem to be the two biggest niggles for riders and which helmet you're using is only part of the equasion.

    When riding below 85mph, the peak really wasn't an issue, over 85mph for me, it acted like a kite and increased the buffeting. I ended up selling it and bought a conventional lid.

    I could have just taken the peak off but then what was the point of an adventure lid?
  15. As far as helmet buffeting and noise, I don't think any two people have the same experience so arguments are just a waste of time. Everyone is different.
    A peak is pretty much the only thing that will stop sun glare, other than your hand. Tinted visors or tinted strips do nothing, one needs to cast a shadow across the visor. Visor or visorless, both equally good depending on the individual. :upyeah:
  16. Pretty confident that a peaked helmet would make the buffeting even worse than what it is. I have Schuberth C4 flip front. I do like the look of the ADV helmets though.
  17. Yeahbut..... have you tried a Peaked Lid or just assuming ?
    I find it the exact opposite no weird head movements in a Peaked Lid but it feels like someone is moving my head around in a road lid ?
    I’m 6’1” with a std screen fitted with Spacers for comparison
    By the way.... I’m not saying you are wrong or I’m right , it’s a bit like tyres we all like something that suits us
  18. Shoei X Spirit II when riding like a cock.!

    Shoei GT Air when riding like a cock.. with panniers.!

    Nolan 1004 Flip when riding like a cock, with panniers but able to drink coffee with helmet on.!

    I have a brand new X Lite 551 Calama too, bought but never worn, still in box.
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  19. Arai Tour-X 4 - I love it!
  20. I wear a peaked helmet & goggles for off road biased stuff, where I am likely to get muddy, and deal with bushes and branches.
    For all road focused stuff its a full face job.
    I like the look of the Arai X, but not its price :yum

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