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Quickshifter Vs Quick-shifting...

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by Keith_P, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. I'm interested in the trend towards quickshifters. I've been quick-shifting (clutch-less changes) up the 'box and down for decades using old technology (right hand/brain/left foot). I have a degree in mechanical sympathy and I love the way all the gearboxes I've treated this way just work and don't complain.
    I was full-on hooning around Wiltshire on my new (to me) 939Hyper today and wouldn't dream of using the clutch on full-bore acceleration. Did the same on my '96 900SS, GSXR750 and so on... and never though that the 'boxes would be too delicate for this sort of (well-considered) treatment. Even popped in a few when I test-rode a dealer's new 950Hyper 'cos it just felt right.
    My conclusion is that (for me) an electronic cut-out quickshifter would only be of use to shave milliseconds off a shift when racing.

    What do you reckon?
  2. Up down shifter worth having imo. Like you, i used to shift up clutchless and sometimes down as well without electronics.
    But welcome to the 21st century!
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  3. I can only say that once you've had one on track you wouldn't want to not have one. I'm just trying to get used to a down blipper now but it doesn't seem natural on the road, I think it will make more sense on the track.
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  4. Don’t we all do that?
    What we can’t do though is keep the throttle pinned open, unless I’ve been doing something wrong these last how many years!
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  5. Sure - we all do that (maybe not all?). Was just posing the question of whether a quickshifter is really necessary:thinkingface:. But hey, none of this is really necessary, just fun;)!
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  6. Necessary? No. Helpful? Yes.
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  7. i took a 959 for a lil blast a few weeks back, its was my first encounter with a quick shifter.. i thought it was the coolest thing!!!
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  8. This may sound silly but can you still use the clutch to change gear even though you have a quick shifter??
  9. Yes.
    But on my S1 sometimes the clutch action felt less smooth when releasing the lever. Dunno why. Ktm and Gs just like normal.
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  10. probably take you a lil while to stop using the clutch alot of the time till ya got used to it.
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  11. Its really notchy, like an 9** slipper clutch feeling at the bar IME. My S1 didn’t like clutchless shifts (old school)
  12. My 950S is my second bike with a QS , but I find for "normal" riding, I do not use it, I still find it harsh. As mentioned earlier pinning the throttle and QS is fine but I very rarely "pin" the throttle. :thinkingface::thinkingface:
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  13. That's the problem with too many bikes, there all different, pani is in road shift with quick shifter and auto blipper, gsxr is in race shift with quick shifter, Honda is race shift with no electronics, r1 is road shift with no electronics . :weary_face:
  14. Not sure why you wouldn’t want it if it’s available - pani is a dream to ride with it -SF hasn’t got one but I wish it did
  15. Would find it a big miss to not have it now. Love the up down assist on the GS. Not silky smooth sometimes, but time it and its great.
    All quickshifters I have used so far need an open throttle to get a smooth shift. Nature of the beast. Downshift on the GS is variable, but can improve it by timing revs, slight throttle etc. Get a lovely deceleration pop dropping into 1st for roundabouts, junctions. Addictive.

    1290 quicksifter was poor. Up only and slow ( not quick!) Had some worrying false neutrals using it as well, typically on “overtakes at speed”. Maybe needed some adjustment?

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