899 Race Fairing (upper)

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  1. Hi

    I have aquired a race fairing for my 899 at the weekend. The upper fairing has a different profile where the shape includes a section that covers the bottom of the screen-which I like. I want to fit the same screen as fitted to the wsbk panigale (see pics for c.davies bike as an example) as I need/want as much height as possible. Who manufactures the wsbk Panigale race screens? I’ve searched online, but I’m not finding anything.

    On another note, has anyone converted their upper race fairing to accept the stock lights? Can I simply dremel out the sections required for the lights? I want to do this so I can run the larger upper fairing on the street as well as track for maximum wind protection. The Panigale front end is very compact and low compared to other superbikes (excluding the Aprilia rsv4), so I’m just trying to copy the factory race bike shape and sizing.

    Many thanks

    C5BC42EF-6EC2-42FF-9D6D-CB7B343BDA3F.jpeg 2A3EE2E9-62B8-4005-82A8-EF1D99D23B32.jpeg EDE90D6F-66D2-428F-A0F4-2047F12774E4.jpeg DD0F975E-35F6-4788-9D62-5DF74A75E6D4.jpeg
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  3. 20180422-_DJM3238.jpg Skidmarx screens are the ones on the 959 nose cones we use. Not sure whether they are high enough for you but I find they do the job at race pace. The nose cones lifted straight off the 899 and dropped on, so same fit. These fairings are made by Hi-fibre with the extra bit at the bottom of the screen. Hi-fibre kit normally has a logo somewhere inside to help identify it.
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  4. Thanks for the info scrawnsenior. Very helpful. I’ll check my kit for any obvious branding, but it does look similar to yours.

    Do you happen to have a picture of your bike from the side so I can see the profile of the skidmarx screen?

    Many thanks
  5. These any use. I don't think they are overly high but once fitted they seem to change in profile slightly. Once my chin is on the tank then they do the job of keeping the wind off.


    R09 Silverstone Ducati TriOptions 07-09-18 524.JPG
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  6. Thanks Scrawnsenior.

    Looks like my current screen is very similar to what you have fitted. I’ve spoken to MotoRapido and they have advised the screen I’m interested in is a factory corse screen (they fit them to their bsb race bikes. The only issue is Ducati have change the shape and profile from year to year, so it will be hard to determine which one would fit the HiFibre fairing I have.
  7. Another question scrawn, what size dzus d-ring fasteners do you use with the HiFibre fairing? I have the pop riveted locating clip that the d-ring 1/4 turns into, if that’s what you also have.
  8. The Skid Marx screens are fairly flexible so I would think the Ducati ones would be too. I notice your holes are already drilled in your nose cone so the only issue I see you having is whether or not the screen you choose reaches them.

    It depends on the thickness of your fairing material to a degree. I think I have 17mm fasteners in mine at the minute but a couple are a little slack. You can sometimes manipulate the female side of the fastener you are talking about or add a couple of the plastic washers to tighten things up a little as well. We use Speedy Fasteners stuff and I'm sure if you emailed him he would send you out a sample pack, for a small cost, with different lengths to try before you buy. If it's high fibre kit then you'll need at least 5 clips per side, plus a threaded fastener for the back of the bottom fairing. I also have dzus holding the nose cone onto the clock bracket along with three holding the little diamond shaped panel under the tail. 15 dzus total plus 8 cap heads for the threaded holes.
  9. Hey ScrawnSenior.

    I'm only just getting round to fitting the HiFibre kit after all this time. I managed to get a genuine Corse screen which isn't any difference in profile,but does extend longer giving more height. However, I quite like the Zero Gravity Corsa screen for the 959. I don't think there would be a problem with fitting that to the HiFibre upper fairing.

    Anyway, what I need to know now, is which front subframe to use with the HiFibre fairing. The stock 899 mounts won't fit, so I'm after a aftermarket one that still allows the fitment of the instrument panel. What did you use on your race bike?

    Many thanks
  10. Hi mate, we use the DBholders ones I think. I've just locked the bike away after the weekend but will check when I go in the garage next. I also use a couple of alloy plates instead of the threaded holes. The ones you get with CRC fairings from when I had a set of those. Will take a few pics for you later in the week when I get chance.
  11. Thanks for that. Appreciate the efforts you’re going to.
    So is your preference the HiFibre fairings? I was looking at the CRC stuff as I like the factory styled one price side fairing, but then I also like the one-piece belly pan off the HiFibre kit. Very maintenance friendly.
    Look forward to the photo’s...
    Best regards
  12. ScrawnSenior, do you know if it is the 899/1199 or the 959/1299 DBholders front subframe you use? About to order...
  13. Hi mate, sorry I haven't got back to you. Been away for a few days. I have used the same holder for both the 899 and 959 but then the fairings came across from the 899 no problem. I can't really tell from the db holders website whether there is much difference.
  14. image.jpeg image.jpeg
    My concern is the shape of the HiFibre upper fairing does not match that of the 899/1199. The 899/1199 have the little recess where the wing mirrors locate.

    The DB holders front race subframe seems to have the same angle of stays as the stock subframe (see second attached image). This would not fit the HiFibre fairing as the shape of the HiFibre upper fairing is different and would need a further bracket to secure the fairing.

    I'm wondering if the 1299 front race subframe would be better as that seems to have the wider and flatter stays.
  15. Let's just say that I have manipulated mine a little to make it fit. Fair bit of give in them so I just made it fit. I also added the little dzus plates from the crc fairings to make removing it much quicker. Will take some photos later for you.....I promise. Maybe even a little video too so you can see how easy the fairings are to remove and refit.
  16. Much appreciated.

    Many thanks
  17. I only have the differences between the 1199/1299 experience but as far as I was aware they were the same as the 899/959. There's no way any of my fairings will mix and match between the two generations; mainly due to the width difference but I've definitly used 899 fairings on my 1199 and also I've used 959 stuff on my 1299 (Pani R). The 959/1299 front fairing stay should work.
  18. 899/1199 are grouped because of their design similarities. 959/1299 are grouped for the same reason. The issue comes when one wants to use parts from an 899/1199 on a 959/1299 or vice versa.
    I'm with you though. To me it looks like the 1299 DBHolders fairing stay would mount on the flat sections of the upper fairing cowl-negating the need for a further bracket on the 899/1199 fairing stay (stock or aftermarket). Just need to know the 959/1299 stay will mount to the chassis/air box with no issues and allow fitment of my 899 clock.
    Kind regards