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Random Picture Thread Vers.2

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Rob, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. Just seen this on Twitter and I’ve got to say it made me laugh out loud for a few minutes :joy: :joy::joy:

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  2. upload_2021-1-13_12-58-34.png
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  3. F799C164-0F93-4EDD-A05C-C9B864FCCAA8.jpeg

    #5223 chrisw, Jan 13, 2021
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  4. upload_2021-1-13_19-45-53.png
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  5. 138923579_10158830150505586_4593847862117956472_n.jpg
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  6. If those get you in the shin, you've got the wrong boots on :joy:
  7. I’ve got some of these on my downhill and enduro bikes, and I can confirm, just in case there is any doubt, on impact with the shin, or the back of the leg for that matter, it bloody hurts :sob:
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  8. DC2D90D2-43F4-4541-98CE-261998872F10.jpeg
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  9. upload_2021-1-14_7-40-52.png
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  10. Very funny. Shouldn't the hashtag be #pmsl ? :laughing:
  11. upload_2021-1-14_12-15-6.png
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  12. This "joke" and sooooooooooooo many others: We get El T, we really do, you don’t like the current government but please stop, its getting a little tiresome.
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  13. If we all accept what’s being done then we (including you) will be steamrollered by this lot. Plus I think they’re funny no matter who people have a swipe at. I’d do the same for Starmer, only he’s not doing a damn thing to have the piss taken out of him :)
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  14. It's the way this forum rolls now as the scales have been tipped.
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  15. DD9F377A-32D8-46CD-B76F-4E3C94B16A11.jpeg 361BAD60-9712-4B80-A0ED-21F69FC0CD41.jpeg C7495AF6-752B-4AD7-9C7F-F1CB7D45ED7A.jpeg
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  16. It still is :eek:
  17. Then you've done a great job clearing the drive!
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