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Rap Star Bugzy Malone Injured In A Quad Bike Accident

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by I'm closing in, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. as above which probably backs up the argument for hooning around unnecessarily getting injured and taking up police, ambulance, and probably a few doctors and nurses time or maybe a quad bike trip in greater Manchester at after 9pm was essential?

  2. I thought you meant the proper bugsy malone

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  3. Is that matt mladins girlfriend?
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  4. No idea who he is but I like he’s supporting French tourism with his souvenir baseball cap.
    I wonder if his t-shirt says “my girlfriend went to skegness and all she brought me back...
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  5. Who? :rolleyes:

    I'm assuming that his parents surname wasn't Malone and they didn't christen him Bugzy. :rolleyes: I'm also assuming he was fully legal on said quad bike and wearing all the required safety equipment.
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  6. That would not look cool
  7. There was a cctv video taken from a nearby house circulating but I can’t find it now. Apparently showed an Audi pull out of a T junction, straight into the quad bike’s path, leaving no time for him to avoid the collision. No statement as to why the he or the Audi driver were out and about. Andy
  8. Aaron Davis is his real name

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  9. I'm not surprised he crashed his quad bike. It only has 3 wheels. o_O
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  10. Quad/trike whatever. I told you I couldn’t find the article I read. Too much time bored out out of my mind has elapsed. Andy
  11. Bit of a penis then by all accounts
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  12. It just had to be an Audi.:confused:

    Before we get all judgey about him being irresponsible, how many of us are counting a blast on national speed limit roads as our daily exercise? I'm with Hemmingway, who said "there are only 3 sports: motor racing, boxing and bullfighting* - the rest are mere games", so I took a bike out for an hour's blast on my local national speed limit country roads earlier, though thankfully I didn't encounter any examples of the species Audius Bellendia.

    * Some quotes say “mountaineering” rather than “bullfighting”.
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  13. Essential journey then :rolleyes: Hope you weren’t spotted. Or striped.
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  14. We got 2 Audi’s never fucked anyone over in either, always look that bit further round corners for bikes always in built up areas stick to speed limits, often flash people in, try to be considerate and drive a van for a living also clean license, anyone who thinks bullfighting is sport is a complete cockwomble shithouse
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  15. Without a sword and just gloves tho. I’d pay to watch that.
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  16. I’d buy a season ticket for that
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  17. clearly wasn’t even remotely an essential journey though dude
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  18. Have no idea about this and can’t be bothered to find out. But I will state that even though the roads are super quiet the standard of driving has dropped significantly. Like people ignoring give way and stop signs because it’s quiet and nothing on the roads to hit......until.
    So, take care.
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  19. Just to come back to the title of the thread, what constitutes a "Rap Star" these days? :thinkingface: Not a great deal by the look of it. :bucktooth:
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  20. Can someone add a “C” at the start of the thread title please.
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