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Re-waterproofing Textile Jacket And Trousers.

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by Alan williams, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. I did have a search and only found older posts.

    Got RST textile jacket and trousers that are in good condition but no longer water proof.

    Is the best way still nikwax, using the wash in stuff and the spray ?

    Any other recommendations - like the stuff that’s meant for tents (different material though) ?
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  2. Wash in Nikwax wash, or use liquid soap flakes as a cheaper alternative. Give it an extra rinse, then use Nikwax TX spray on and allow to dry.
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  3. Nikwax wash-in, drip dry garment. Then finally nikwax wash' both on 30degree synthetic wash-cycle. Again drip-dry garment.

    Edit; I drove off & realized I'd wrote them the wrong way around; tech wash then wash-in.
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  4. I found Niksil spray doesn't last very long, and after washing doesn't work at all.

    I changed to this, which I have used once per year on the car soft top. Water runs off like it does on waxed paint.
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  5. Goretex stuff I use nikwax or Grangers tech wash. DO NOT USE CONDITIONER in your w/machine. A wash in re-proofer then drip dry or re activate in a tumble drier on a LOW heat.
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  6. I've ordered the Nikwax Wash-in and Tech wash, will give them a go and get some of the spray Jez recommended to do the seams.
  7. +1 on NikWax using washing Machine. Cleaner in washing draw. Reproofing in the rinse aid/conditioner draw.
    Quick Proof spray afterwards. I always let it air dry but some say tumble dry as the heat helps the proofer
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  8. Why the different drawer?
  9. Also a good top top to rinse out residue normal detergents & conditioners prior to putting your pride & joy textiles in, is to bung an old towel in on a hoot wash with no detergents and run it. Cleans the /machine innards.
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  10. My Washing machine has a compartment for washing liquid/powder and a compartment for fabric softener. That was the instruction, for wash and reproof
  11. I am very impressed with Fabsil Gold. I washed my RST kit (for the first time,after 45,000 miles in 6 years) in the washing machine rinsed twice then gentle tumble dry at 30 degrees. When dry I applied Fabsil Gold liberally with a 3' paint brush.
    Allow to dry outside as it is quite smelly 'til it dries. It works a treat! It is also used on tents.
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  12. [​IMG]
    I use this, I hang the jacket up in the garden then have a pump sprayer and liberally coat garments with this, allow at least a couple of hours to dry as it stinks.
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  13. I've got same stuff different instructions. Seems to work well enough!
  14. I've got a jacket with a Goretex drop liner (Rev'it Defender) and wash both liner and outer jacket shell in Nikwax Tech Wash and then apply a proofer to outer jacket so that it doesn't absorb too much water. So far I'm not impressed with Nikwax TX.Direct Spray-On. I have used Grangers Xtreme Repel Waterproofing Spray to good effect however this seems to have been discontinued. Looks like I'll be giving Fabsil Gold a go when I've used the Nikwax Spray-On.
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  15. Just done mine with the nikwax tech wash and wash in stuff.

    Was thinking of applying a spray too, is it worthwhile?
  16. I've used a wash in waterproofer a couple of times on my outer jacket but didn't think it was a good idea have the waterproofer on the inner mesh layer, so now prefer to attempt to proof just the outer fabric layer. This definitely applies for my textile trousers which have the Goretex layer "baked" onto the outer fabric layer (Revit Poseidon).
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  17. ..its that time of year again..
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  18. Yeah...……. bring out the Gimp:confused:
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