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Reasons To Be Cheerful

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bradders, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. What’s your good news for today?

    Having 3 of top 4 teams involving Brits at Suzuka cheered me up, as did well-needed the rain on the garden, and the by product of the cat deciding it’s horrible so spending more time indoors on my lap. And seeing all the organising my wife does for the works charity in live :upyeah:
  2. Great song, Ian Dury and the Blockheads.

    Great subject for a thread.

    Fixed my mums basin in her en suite.
    Cleaned my bike after it got filthy yesterday.
    Seeing my boy this evening as he's back from Amsterdam for the weekend.
    All makes me feel better on a grim/grey day.
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  3. Meh, boss is here :mad:
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  4. Ex, it said reasons to be cheerful!
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  5. I'm happy really o_O
  6. Lovely rain has cooled the air
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  7. Done 8 hrs of chores today instead of blobbing:upyeah:
    And had me mates 85 year old mum over for a cuppa in my lunch break.
    She is such an optimistic active person and comes out with the craziest shit!!
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  8. I’m on holiday :)
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  9. All my ironing is done
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  10. when they scrap speakers corner :thinkingface:
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  11. I've started a grumpy thread for your type :thinkingface: alternatively have you tried Speakers
    Corner? :yum
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  12. Upgraded my TV to hi definition.
    Ok, I just cleaned the screen. ...
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  13. My Mother's birthday yesterday. 95 years old and still going.
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  14. Prepped my bike and loaded it onto the trailer for Brands GP tomorrow. Now having a well deserved glass of Rioja.
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  15. Cooked a roast to celebrate the cooler weather

    Back to bbqs next week
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  16. I woke up to enjoy another day :)
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  17. Ive just ordered another bottle of Macallan.
  18. The Hampshire Constabulary :upyeah:;)
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  19. I've just switched to Balvenie Triple Cask (16 years) Not cheap but best mainstream I've ever tasted :upyeah:
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  20. At six thirty in the AM!
    Respect. :)
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