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Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Geoffduk, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. Sitting bored so thought I’d post a picture of my mate at the Mull of Galloway recently. My mate Norie owns the pikes peak and soon to be 82 years young. Was pissed of at not riding to WDW this year. Morocco last year. Amazing guy.

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  2. 20A06F42-C6BA-41A6-BCFA-57B15D3C62A1.jpeg Another couple of pics of roads less travelled by bikers in Scotland and not that far from Glasgow. E2B50E61-1B88-4D66-8659-A8BBC5B6DD51.jpeg 169B8CC7-2875-4996-9798-8280D03FE027.jpeg 5515F617-63E1-4D70-AE58-291FF89606E1.jpeg B851715D-4661-41DB-9415-1D19389867AF.jpeg 9D8161A6-093C-4AD6-B4B6-C1879412DB67.jpeg DB31F230-9AB5-470B-96FB-7FF020F2A59B.jpeg
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  3. I first met up with Norrie when he rode with us to WDW12 on a 1098. Amazing guy for his age. He manages that Pikes Peak Multi no problem and he's no even a big fella.

    Your Monster's looking good Geoff. :upyeah:
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  4. Hi Derek,
    It was actually his pani 1199R. He also owned a S1000RR at the same time.On his return from WDW at a sprightly 78 he took his 1199R to Brno for a track weekend through Ducati Glasgow. Only retired at 80. Would love to mimic if I ever get to his age. He’s just bought a non working farm with large field , outbuildings and basically forest. Spent several days with forestry worker mate thinning out his forest. Cuts around his field on a ride on mower. Impressive stuff at 82.
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