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Recommend Me A Monster…

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Martylaa, Aug 28, 2021.

  1. If I were you I'd get a 796 rather than a 696 as they have more power, a single sided swing arm and a wider rear wheel/tyre setup (180 v 160).

    I had a 2014 796 ABS for about 2 years and tbh it was one of the 5 most favourite bikes I've ever owned. They're light weight, simple, enough power (c.80bhp) to have fun with and the engine is air cooled which many purists would say is de rigeur for a Monster. IMO the 796/1100 is also the best looking of the iterations. The 1100 is the same shape but with an air cooled c.100bhp engine. Unlike the previous and following models, there are no water cooled engines in the 696/796/1100 range.

    I currently have an S4R (last but one version of the original shape Monsters fitted with a c.120bhp 996 water cooled super bike engine). The S4R and its slightly more powerful and blingy brother the S4RS is regarded as one of the best of the breed. The bike feels and sounds like an animal. They’re quite something.

    I also have a heavily modded S4. The S4 is the earlier version of the S4R, but with a c.100bhp 916 water cooled engine and a Lidl-spec double sided swing arm instead.

    If I was buying a Monster now I’d probably avoid the original shape models as they are getting fairly long in the tooth and the 821/1200 range is a bit anodyne, so it would probably have to be an 1100S for the extra power over the 796 plus the Ohlins bling.

    There's a really good and not very long video which explains the range from its inception up to the last but one model (it doesn’t cover the latest model but nobody with any taste likes it anyway as it doesn't have a trellis frame and looks like a generic Jap bike). I'll see if I can find it.

    My 796 (now sold).

    My S4R (that exhaust is not standard).

    My S4 special. Believe it or not, that started life looking like the S4R above but it’s fair to say that it’s had quite a lot done to it and is still a work in progress (needs a paint job). Basically, I wanted a Streetfighter, bought one, hated it, and so I made my own instead. I’m kind of pissed off Ducati came out with the V4 ‘fighter as it looks like I have copied the looks whereas I was about 3 years ahead of them!
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  2. @Martylaa
    Probably late to the thread to do any good but here goes:
    I have both a Multi 1260 PP and a Monster 1200R. Nice offset and complementary rides.
    Your budget is an issue.
    Now here's something very "Monster like" ride and somewhat looks wise, easy on maintenance cost and cheaper than a Ducati: Yamaha XSR 900 triple.
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  3. I have owned 2 x 900 Monsters, both ie ( current one the S model ) as well as a 900 SS, carb. Importantly I have ridden numerous Ducs, from 998 to Streetfighter V2 and lots in between. The air cooled 900's are a joy to ride and own. Simple, no frills and an engine that belies its age and capacity by having enough everyday power that it delivers in style. Holiday in Scotland in September with a group of lads that included two Ducati owners, both raved about my 900, the easy power delivery and sound it makes, the lad on a Streetfighter V2 couldn't stay with me, he hasn't had bike long so obviously that was a factor on twisties.
    These are light, narrow and great looking bikes, low seat is a bonus for shorter riders too. Unintimidating bike to ride but more than capable of exciting turn of speed when required. Love Ducatis but will always have a soft spot for these air cooled, 2 valve bikes, appreciating in value all the time so try one, you will love it.
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  4. I’ve got a lot of time for the early air cooled Monsters and you’re right that the 900 engine is a peach (I also have a heavily customised 900ss so I have a real soft spot for it), but I wouldn’t describe the M900 as “light”. According to various sources they’re 185kg dry compared to the M796 at 167kg (M1100 is 169kg), which is a significant and noticeable difference.
  5. had all of first gen bar the 400 which I would still buy if I saw the right one (2xM600, a timewarp M750 and 2xM900) and the 900 was the most fun it's true.
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  6. Back in June this year I sold my M1100 Evo 20th Anni. It was a bike I rally enjoyed but there was a need for ready cash.
    Three weeks ago I went to the dealers where it was for sale and bought it back again. I love the riding experience, the air cooled motor (I have an air cooled VW as well), the look of the trellis frame and single sided swing arm. So my answer is get a M1100 Evo.
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  7. Great post, ^ would love to do this, almost bucket list material. :)
  8. How much did that “interlude” cost you?
  9. The interlude cost me about £1,400 but was worth it. I realise that businesses need to make money.
    My daughter's horse died earlier this year (Liver failure) and the instant cash was needed for a replacement. I couldn't sell the VW Bus or Boxster so the Ducati was the sacrificial lamb. My daughter's happiness was paramount as she has struggled with anxiety heightened by the lockdown.
    All is well now with the Monster back in the garage. Happy wife, daughter and me.
    Talking of Bucket List, I keep looking at a Motodd Jota I built in the 80's and the fact it's for sale in Germany. But that's another story.
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  10. don't be afraid to fill us in on the Jota Milko, there's bound to be a thread somewhere plus the Forum is pretty topic-wander tolerant. :upyeah:
  11. I'll just slip this in. My SS, my mates modified Jota. I remember it was like riding a wonderful, noisy, gnarling noise factory....
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  12. I had a Monster 696 also as a loaner a few years back now, proper 2v twin sound, and so much fun, had amazing front end feel and confidence, and as others said it was uncluttered and uncomplicated. I really really liked it a lot. The only thing I've noticed is that tidy ones hold value better than even some Street Triple's and other bikes in class which for the same money are possibly 'technically' better.
  13. S2R 800 or 1000
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