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Removal Of The Heinous Number Plate Holder

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by vee--man, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Help !!.

    ok, now I've got your attention, I've received my new tail tidy to install , but looking at the Diavel's magnificent rear end, I'm scratching my head as to how I can remove the two bolts which appear to be sunken into the tubular split section of the number plate holder frame and holds the section behind the chain sprocket. A friend of mine reckons it's rear wheel removal time, but I"m hoping this is not the case.

    Does anybody have any experiencing of removing theirs and if so what did they use, will an allen key fit in there ?

    Thanks in advance ,
  2. Steve,

    You can undo the 2 bolts with an extending jointed ratchet (watch you don't scratch the wheel)or a slightly longer allen key and tube on the end, its hard going although it is easier with the wheel off but I did mine using the allen key method. On the Gen 2 Diavel the number plate light has a connector under the swingarm by the caliper to disconnect the assembly rather than cut the wire like the Gen 1.
  3. thanks for the response. Well, I tried as hard as I could to get the bolts out tonight but my allen key started to flex so I changed tact and used a ratchet and tiny allen extension socket piece to slide down the tube...... but I could not budge it. Think they must've put them in with threadlock or something and the last thing I wanted to do was jump up and down on it and risk scratching the paintwork on the alloy.......... Either that, or I need a bit more leverage.......or some gym membership.......

    Is there a secret to loosening bolts like this ?? I squirted some WD40 down the tubes but, it didn't make any difference. :(

    With regard to the number plate light connector i think i can just see it under the caliper as you say, but first thing is first, I gotta have those bolts out......
  4. They are threadlocked in, I used an old tube on the end of my allen key and it did come off in the end, best solution is to take the wheel off though. I put mine back on with the wheel off when I had the rear tyre replaced as I am off back to the land of Multi's.
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  5. Had no issue getting mine off last week with the wheel in place. Had to cut the wire alright though. Looks miles better
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  6. Yep , I had a pal come over who is spanner literate and I the end all the bolts needed was a bit more leverage . Had to chop the wire but hey it's a small price to pay to reveal the mahooooosive back tyre . I am a happy bunny

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  7. Do you get soaked and stinking with the number plate mudguard removed?
  8. That looks much better! what Ducati should have done in the first place IMO, same with the Scrambler.

    On another note, that's a small 'silencer' for a big engine... ;)
  9. I'm interested in this, although I would like to install a single line plate, so a smaller one would be ideal, anyone got any pics of something like that?

    Thanks in advance,

  10. Single line plates are for rice burners.....;)
  11. Can I ask, is that a full size plate? I am sick of dragging a tea tray behind my bike but am concerned about legality.... what size is acceptable (to not get hassled, not necessarily from a legal pov)?

  12. Tish and pish - you should be able to get away with a 7x9 - but I depends in the world where you are...ive heard quite a few say that the McNick up north are quite strict...however down here, down south ive only been pulled up once in the last 3 years (2 of my bikes have 9x3 strip plates) and the hyper the next size down from 7x9 and not been looked at even I might add being pulled up by an unmarked Audi persuit car... I think personally its a case if you look after your bike, keep it clean and up together and (I think) that the plod will kinda know that...unless you come across and asshole of course - no accounting for that....
  13. I've used 7x5 for the past 13 years and not had one tug yet, and that was with daily commuting into London for 8 years of it.
  14. I think the 7x5 is what ive got on my Hyper - sits nicely inbetween the twin SCProjects...
  15. Here's mine. Plate is 7x5.5 I think. Removal of the old mount was fine, but they are hefty bolts

    Diavel Tail Tidy.jpg
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  16. IMG_4074.PNG Tidy off time
  17. Is there no left hand corners down your way? :grin:
  18. Oh yeah, does look a bit odd. Dust from the floor over the other half, looks like. Nice new boots for the summer now though
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  19. What size allen key do you need for the bolts that hold the bracket to the swing arm?
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  20. which tail tidy kit is this please - looks really good
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