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Renewal Approaching, Hastings?

Discussion in 'Insurance - Sponsored by Ducati Insurance' started by Expat Jack, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. The policy for fo Triumph Street Triple 765 RS is due for renewal at the end of the month so I have just been onto Compare the Market.

    Cheapest by miles is Hastings Direct £112 SD&P, Fully Comp with pillion use, 3000 mpa.

    Last year it was c £300 IIRC with Bennetts - I am waiting for their renewal quote.

    I have had insurance with Hastings on my Shitroen before. Anyone use(d) them for a bike as this is a stonking price?

  2. I've £158 on the table at the minute for the 996,with 5 or 6 days to go before it runs out,fully comp / value below the tracker price,so set at £19,995 (underpriced IMO) with only a thousand miles per year for 2020.:sob:
  3. That Hastings as well? Sounds v. cheap on that kind of value, but it's into Classic territory. I have the 748 and 996 to do in August so will consider multi bike policies as well.
  4. Have you tried bemoto?
  5. Not yet but I always do. They have so far failed to get close on any quotes for me but I am hoping with 3 bikes to give them a crack at they might turn up trumps. But after seeing the Hastings quote I think they have their work cut out TBH.
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  6. Nope,i'm with Brunel's with that particular bike 0208 5791786,i've tried on two separate occasions without success on a multibike policy and gave up with that idea.
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  7. Hastings will be cheap because they live in a fantasy world and will try anything at all not to pay out a claim to a third party. They are scum. but I cannot say that they are any more scummy than any other insurance company.

    I can slag them off with impunity because they don't believe that I exist. Unfortunately, for them, my solicitor is well used to dealing with this BS.

    So, I would say go with them - because I don't want them going bust before my claim is paid out (and they have spent several hundred thousand on going to court to waste everyone's time!).
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  8. Go rogue, pay nothing! Get a shotgun & become the wildman you know you are ...road warrior styleee'
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  9. I've found confused.com to be much cheaper than the other comparison sites this year - worth a shot to get even better quote.

    Otherwise, do as Gunz says - you know it makes sense :D
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  10. Used Hastings for my cafe racer £108 fully comp @ 6000 miles, didn’t make any claims but decent to deal with and you can talk to a person on the phone"........in the Uk :)
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  11. Hastings are a broker, so have no say on most claims. Have used on and off for a few years and found easy to deal with until last year.
  12. R U sure that they are just a broker? My driver was insured with Hastings Direct and my sol deals with them, I think. I'm not aware of any other insurance co being involved. I'll ask.
  13. They may manage claims. Could be they have in-house insurance as well as panel tho. Been a few years since I worked with them and they have changed ownership twice. Do you know who they are owned by?
  14. https://www.hastingsplc.com/files/file/view/id/357

    They are mostly directly insuring their underwriting arm out of Gib. So not just a broker, you’re right
  15. Tried confused. Same system as Go Compare. No provision to add advanced rider qualifications. Cheapest for me via Meerkat. But nothing ventured,.....
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  16. Tried MCN - their price was OK for me.

    My Multi Insurance was Hastings when that was written off... they paid out quickly - but low amount.. I guess even though they recover from other party.. they try to keep costs down.

    Their Legal team was not the best.... I had to chase and chase them for my excess and personal claim... that took around 8 months - the bike was paid out in about 3 or 4 weeks.
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  17. Music to my ears!
  18. Been with them on a multi bike policy for last four years ,had no issues,but then again haven’t made a claim
  19. I have a Multibike policy with lynbrook insurance ,they don't charge for mid term bike add ons or removals,and if the worst happens you can buy the bike back and repair it
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  20. Bennetts renewal is in. £222.
    Bemoto on multi bike could not get close to three bikes as individual quotes, although the two Ducati’s I had quoted is a possibility without the Triumph.
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