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Repairing Pannier

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by Oly, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. Ok. So my multi fell
    Over and the right hand pannier has suffered scratching to the black plastic part. Can this be repaired? Or can you buy the pannier lid on its own? Thanks
  2. unless they have changed the basic construction design from my 2013 model, then its an easy fix. the black part you have scratched is held to the upper section by a pin hinge which is knocked out by tapping the hinge pin with a small hammer using a narrower pin. the replacement panel for my model was about £65. Takes a couple of minutes to swop over
  3. Replacement parts for panniers should be available - what year are we taking about? If it's a DVT (MY 2015 -2017) then see the Star Twins site for details and indicative prices:
    If the scratches aren't too bad if might be possible to repair but given the textured finish it's not easy.

    See a similar post: https://www.ducatiforum.co.uk/threads/damage-to-pannier.71859/#post-1404882

    @Twin4me - Chris - what did you end up doing?
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  4. It’s from a 2018 1260s. I think I’ve found the part online , around £40
  5. That sounds about right - same panniers on the 1260 as the 1200 MY2015+ models.
  6. That’s a right result as I thought I’d have to either replace the lot or put up with it
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  7. I've got a brand new spare right hand black plastic lid, I accidentally ordered the wrong part when I needed a left hand one (back in the UK in about a week if you are interested)

    Steve - I ordered the parts to change them over (but got one wrong!), My Ducati dealer was easiest as I didn't pay postage.
  8. Thanks Steve,
    I’ve ordered what I think is the bit I need, If it’s not then yes I’ll be in touch
  9. i would go for a foil oven tray and gaffer tape....
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