Replacement Termignoni Baffles/db Likkers/silencer Help!!

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  1. Hi All

    Just bought a 2008 Monster 696+ with the termignoni exhaust.
    Unfortunately the owner did not have the baffles, bike is way to load and would prefer the baffles.
    How do i go about getting replacement once?

    Would aftermarket once like these i found on eBay fit??

    2pcs 48mm Motorcycle 140mm Long Exhaust Muffler Insert Baffle Can DB Silencer UK | eBay

    I measured the outer diameter off the termis to be 48mm.

    Any help is much appreciated
  2. I used some similar universal Db killers for my titanium Termis. I had to cut and bash them to get them to fit but they worked ok.
  3. I've ordered some from Desmoworld for my termis . The place came highly recomended on duke forums and they were brilliant with emails in helping me order the right size and baffles that I wanted. Legal look DB 3's were what they suggested . Not cheap at about £60!
    I placed the order on the 4th April and still haven't got them! . I chased them up a while ago and they said they would send them the next day . That was 10 days ago . I emailed them again today and they said the will post them today, not going to hold my breath......
  4. Yea I had a look on thier website, it's in German. I emailed them but yet to get a replied.

    If you could let me know which one you ordered.

  5. I ordered the legal look 3. They said if you want to take them in and out get them in 47.75 mm. Or if leaving them in 48mm.
  6. Thanks.

    Let me know how it sounds when you get them. I might order them as they look proper. I went for the eBay ones as they only £10 and will see how it goes.
  7. If anyone needs a set for a set of Termi's from a 1098 I've got a genuine pair sait in my garage.
  8. will they fit the 696 terms?
  9. As above, wrong shape.
  10. Will do. According to the tracking they are on their way!
  11. Anyone know the best place for 749 db killers?

    Sorry for the hyjack :yum
  12. Well they turned up today and they look a superb quality item . Offered them up to the pipes and the are certainly a tight fit in 48mm . will probably have to tap them in with a rubber mallet . Will go for a ride tomorrow morning to warm the pipes up to maybe expand them 0.0002 of a mill to maybe make it easier to fit them in. Will let you know how i get on and the sound difference .


  13. original Monster Termi ones are part number 96312208B
  14. Fitted them today, they were bastard tight to get in and line up the little screw to hold them in . I won't be taking them out in a hurry . The sound is spot on! . Still plenty of noise to sound good but not shaking the windows . Very pleased with them .