1098 Ride Height Adjuster

Discussion in '848 / 1098 / 1198' started by Thelord, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Quick question, if I remove the ride height adjuster link (because I want to change it) how much will the rear suspension collapse? Would you advise propping the back end or am I just being over cautious.

    Many thanks.
  2. I'd always support the chassis and let the rear wheel hang free, this will help you get the rod all lined up nicely when you reinsert the bolts by moving the rear wheel up/down slightly.
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  3. If you have the shock still in place, the back end will drop an compress the shock if you do not support it. Likewise, if the back end is elevated off the ground (with say a bursig type stand), the swing arm will drop and the shock extend fully.

    I would suggest supporting the back end as it'll be easier to lift the swingarm and it's parts than the back of the bike when trying to reinstall the ride height adjuster.
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  4. Thanks gents medals handed out. :upyeah: