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Riding 600ss During Winter..

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Cabhan, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. I am going to ride the bike over the winter time to time just to keep moisture out of engine etc, the bike came with brand new Continental Contimotion tyres in correct size. Anyone have any experience with them what they like during cold and wet weather? Should I changed them for different one?? Thank you
  2. I have heard of many different reasons why riding in winter should be done. I have never heard "keeping the moisture out of engine" cited previously.

    Wishing you a damp free motor!
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  3. Agree with Jez, moisture inside the engine won’t be helped by riding the bike, every time the engine cools down moisture is drawn from the air surrounding the bike, you’ve no doubt seen it in the oil level sight glass, the good news is it doesn’t do any harm, if you’re doing lots of short journeys it’s probably worth doing an occasional long journey to get rid of the worst of it, but it will come back, regarding tyres I’ve used these before and they are fine, more important though is to adjust your riding style, or in other words ride slowly, as though you’re on ice, avoid road paint, tar lines, drain covers etc etc, don’t accelerate hard, don’t power out of corners, all common sense stuff, triple your braking distance separation etc etc 7EA283F7-0A13-4D93-B44E-49AD4B381CCF.png
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  4. I've used Contimotion before, they are budget tyres bit I had no issues with them, they are not the grippiest , heed the caution above however if you are in warmer territory you will not have the same issues I have in Scotland with freezing conditions. As stated, that emulsion you get from moisture in the air is a common problem. The engine needs to get hot enough to burn off, but it always comes back. I get it here often. Short journeys don't help
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