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Road Registering

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Andy800, Oct 17, 2020 at 9:10 PM.

  1. Hello all
    How do I go about getting my RRV registered so I can run it round the block.
    The RRV starts off life as an Aprilia SXV, by the time it’s taken RRV form it looks nowt like a Supermoto.
    No idea where to even start.
    I’d be happy with a daytime MOT so at least I can ride it up the road to check it’s in good shape
    Can anyone direct me where to start
  2. What is the fame registered as bud??
  3. Just leave it as that mate , as long as It's Got a horn and number plate your be fine.
  4. I can fit a horn. I don’t have a V5, It’s never been registered
  5. Ah ok does it have a chassis number??
  6. Yes. There’s a plate on it
  7. You will need a V55/5 form to start the registration process, plus you need to get the bike mot'd first (using the vin as ID)
    Then jump through the DVLA's hoops as required.
  8. You need a dating certificate and proof that it was sold in the UK , try Aprilia UK - if imported you’ll also need to get it registered on NOVA
    Then it’s as above , V55/5 and 55quid first registration fee and whatever the road fund license cost is
    You can order a document pack from the DVLA website
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