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Featured For Sale Roadlok - Fyi - Previous Forum Member Purchase Update.

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Billy Big Roy, Jan 23, 2022.

  1. Hi all,

    I thought this was the best place to put this notice as most if not all members look in the "for sale" section.

    Over the years I've sold a number of Roadlok's to members on this great forum. One of the topic's raised with me was "protecting" the barrel from road grime etc for those that ride all year like myself, and whilst routine cleaning ensured the barrel worked perfectly, I was always looking for a solution to making taking care of the barrel easier.

    Well, I now have one! As an official supplier of Roadlok units, I wanted to share this with my customers on here.

    Any forum member who has purchased a Roadlok from me who wants one of the "new plugs" just get in touch. All I ask is you cover the cost of the stamp and paper envelope.

    Below are pictures showing the rubber plug in all its glory, and it's great to be able to offer this to my customers.

    All Roadlok's now come with the rubber plug and I'll always look after any Ducati Forum member on price who wishes to purchase one.

    If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.




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  2. Cheers Billy - look like a top idea, PM sent!
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  3. Hi,
    I bought a roadlok, but not from you and ended up with a bit of a problem. Fitted it to my CCM only to find it twisted the Caliper and it felt as if the front brake was always on. The bike went back to CCM as I thought it was there fault and they found that the bolts fitted were slightly bent throwing the Caliper out. Could have been my fault and not fitted the correct spacer so the bolts grounded and then when I torqued them up they twisted. Wonder if you have had any experience like this happening before. CCM state a torque setting of 45 so could that be too much for your bolts, I think you state 24. Did contact Roadlok and they asked me to return the bolts but communication stopped when I asked where to send the bolts. Planning on buying new bolts and will refit back on the bike but just a bit nervous doing so. Would be good for your thoughts.
  4. Nice one Chris, I’ll ping you a text later mate.
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  5. Hi Rich,
    Sorry to hear you had this issue. I've never heard of this issue in the 6 years I've been a reseller. The bolt tolerances go way beyond 45nm and they have gone though rigorous testing. As the company is based in the USA, a country that has compensation culture worse than the UK's, so I'm confident the bolts are very capable hardware. I use them myself :eek:)
    The KTM 1290 GT / R bolts torque up to 45nm and I've owned the GT and my brother, a member of this forum, owns the R, so I'm confident they torque up to those figures. In 6 years of trading I've never heard of a bolt failing.
    Regardless, more than happy to help you as Roadlok customer. I can supply you with the return address details so you can return the bolts to Roadlok USA, or Roadlok EU if you purchased your unit from them.
    The address is on the webpages of the USA and EU sites, but if you've had no reply in the past, I can PM you my contacts details who I deal with in the USA. They are normally very good and quick at replying as some forum members will confirm on this site. Sorry to hear it went "cold" for you when you contacted Roadlok last time, but confident you'll get the support you need this time.
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  6. Reminds me, I’m trying to get the one of bought fitted to my monster or panigale…must did out all the speakers and see if I can get to line up! It fitted BMW… am I pushing water uphil trying to fit to brembo Ducati? (Same hole spacing)
  7. Hi Chris
    Thanks very much for getting back to me. All sound fine so will go ahead and fix the lock back on the CCM. Will get some new bolts so won't bother with contacting Roadlok about it. I was part of a CCM owners group that bought the locks direct from the US and at that time the locks had not been fitted to any of the CCM Spitfire range. Also would it be possible to buy one of the caps that you have for the lock.
  8. Thank Chris, bought one of these off you in September 2018 and it's worked flawlessly since. I do clean the barrel every now and again but this should help keep grit out. Will drop you a PM, thanks again for standing by your customers as you did with the key/barrel replacement :upyeah:
  9. I've got 3 Roadloks on my different bikes and never bothered with using the plug when the lock pin is removed. Give the lock a squirt of WD40 now and again to keep it lubricated.
    Been using them like that for 4 years maybe - am I asking for trouble ??

    @Billy Big Roy thanks for the service you're providing.
  10. I'd like one but can't recall the group buy organizer for the Roadlok's off of here.
  11. I wanted one for my Monster & sent a pm but never got a reply. I now use an alarmed disc lock.
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  12. PM sent but no reply.
  13. I’ve sent Chris a text, and he’ll be in touch with everyone shortly. He’s on 3 forums, so bear with.
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  14. Thanks Rich. I'll posting out my first batch by the end of tomorrow. I'll focus on my previous customers first, then anyone else. I have limited stock, but more on the way so I'll be able able to supply everyone who wants one with one. I really appreciate your patience. Have a great evening everyone.
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  15. Do you have one to fit the new speed triple 1200 RS ?, the one I purchased for my diavel I tried to swap over but none of the spacers would line up the pin with the holes in the disc. Only has 2 rows were others I have fitted to had 3, due to the shape of the BREMBO I couldn’t use the shorts spacers and bolts.
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