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For Sale Roadlok Xra Eurosport (right Side)

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Billy Big Roy, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. fullsizeoutput_1ca3.jpeg Roadlok XRA Eurosport for sale.

    The picture shows one fitted to my Ducati 1200R Monster.

    This will also fit the following Ducati bikes, plus many more e.g. BMW, KTM etc.

    Brand New and comes with full Roadlok warranty and support.

    I have a number of these locks available, so please message me with your requirements or questions.

    £168.00 delivered, or fitted / collected in Witney OX28.


    999 R 2004-2006
    1098 2007-2009
    1198 2009-2011
    1199 Panigale 2012 - Current
    1299 Panigale 2015 - Current
    749 R 2004-2006
    848 2008-2012
    899 Panigale 2013-Current
    Desmosedici 2006-2008
    Hypermotard 2007 - Current
    Monster 1200 2013 - Current
    Monster 1100 2010-2012
    Monster 796 2010-2014
    Monster 696 2010-2017
    Monster 659 2010-2014
    Monster 797 All
    Monster 821 2015 - Current
    Multistrada 1200 2010 - Current
    Multistrada 950 All
    Street Fighter 2009-2017
    Diavel (all submodels) 2011 - CURRENT
  2. This is a good deal, folks!
    (I've already got one, sorry @Billy Big Roy )
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  3. Will it fit the Brembo's on a 2014 HP4 BMW? If so, I'm interested. :)
  4. It will fit these BMW bikes, so if the HP4 has the same callipers as the RR, then yes it will fit.


    HP2 2009-2011
    HP4 2013 - Current
    R 1200 GS 2014 - Current
    R 1200 GS Adventure 2014 - Current
    R 1200 R 2014 - Current
    R 1200 RS 2014 - Current
    R 1200 RT 2014 - Current
    R Nine T 2014 - Current
    S 1000 R 2014 - Current
    S 1000 RR 2009 - Current
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  5. Got one, very happy 2016 multi-enduro.
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  6. Do you need anything else, long bolts, spacers, anything like that?
  7. Yes please, was looking at one of these the other day and got so far as putting one in the shopping cart on the Roadlok website and then got distracted. I'll drop you a PM.
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  8. Bradders

    The Kit from Roadlok comers with bolts and spacers - . But I bout titanium ones from Probolt as well .. because they were standard zinc plated cap heads - not the tapered head version..
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  9. I've pm'ed you my details etc.
  10. A great upgrade Simon. The standard bolts do weather very well. The lock I have fitted to my current bike has been on 3 bikes in total, and covered over 8,000 miles and still looks great. Its even been to Monaco :)
    #10 Billy Big Roy, Sep 23, 2018
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2018
  11. I’ve sent you an enquiry pm.
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  12. Just as a heads up to those that don't know, Ducati now have a deal with roadlok to sell these brake-disc kits in the accessories catalogue.
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  13. Don't forget to add at a premium price, like a extra £80ish than the ones on sale here, I have been looking at these for years and these are a great price.
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  14. As do KTM. They sell there units under the Power Parts brand at an eye watering £333.00 Yes, thats correct, £333.... There anodised orange though, so worth the premium :)

    The Ducati ones are branded Ducati Performance and come with a Ducati handle bar tab as pictured. They cost £257.77 from your local dealer, or buy one off me for £168.00

    #14 Billy Big Roy, Sep 23, 2018
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  15. The picture at the top is my own 1200R with one fitted. I love they way it blends in so well with the calliper and lower fork leg. They look great on the BMW bikes as well.
  16. I got one with BMW pitch bolts, but had to source different pitch bolts for my Supersport. If anyone fitting this to a BMW needs the bolts, give me a PM and I'll check my surplus ones.
    I *think* the BMW fitting bolts I got are 90mm
    The Supersport needed 80\85mm *fine pitch*
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  17. I’ll take one for my s1000r. I’ll drop you a line at some point, may be able to pop over as I’m at the other end (Glos) of the A49 and it’s a nice ride :upyeah:
  18. Pop over. I'm at home most of the day :upyeah:
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