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Diavel Roadlok

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by CM4ppy, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. New to the forum but been reading lots of interesting posts.

    just traded my speed triple in for a diavel 1260s which is an amazing bike, upgraded the fuel cap, levers and wheel bungs, looking to get a roadlok and hoping for some feedback and hoping “billy big roy” is still selling them

    Trying to find a nice rad guard, sent back the evotech as it didn’t fit the shape of the rad and seen a few others find it the same. Not a fan of the R&G but looking at the ducabike one.

  2. I've only just fitted Evotech rad and oil guards, rad guard was a bit tight but all went okay.
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  3. Hi Paul

    how does the rad guard fit against the shape of the rad ?, I found it was a tight fit but at the centre there was a large gap as it didn’t follow the shape of the rad well

    evotech refunded with out and issues and would use again, just didn’t like the fit on the diavel


  4. Mine was only a couple mm out!! it's bit weird not having proper way to mount the rad though
  5. Hello :upyeah:.
  6. Roadlok as fitted to my bike by BillyBigRoy is the dogs.
  7. Yep, from reading he appears to sell them with warranty. There is so little space under the seat and I hate riding with a lock in my pocket. Hopefully a roadlok is the solution
  8. Roadlok looks like it costs 3x what it is worth, I can’t see many rushing out to spend £300+ on one of these.
  9. True, but buy through @Billy Big Roy and it'll cost a lot less than that
  10. I think billy big roy has been doing them for £168 which is not much more that a good disk lock, that’s why I am hoping he is still selling them, wouldn’t pay £300.
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  11. Also if you are not so far from Oxford area Billybigroy will fit it for you.
  12. Pity he’s on the Wirral then ;)
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  13. Last time i saw him it was Abingdon area??
  14. I've text him so hopefully be in touch soon, he's still in Oxford area ;)
  15. Many thanks
  16. OP is in the Wirral
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  17. Sorry for the delay in replying. I still supply Roadlok's and await a delivery from the USA. I have left calliper units in stock but sold out of the right side before my order was processed. I retail the units for £168.00 delivered (UK) but I could look at a group buy if enough members were interested in buying one. I will need to speak with the forum admin as well so I can ensure all parties are happy and I support the forum.
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  18. Good to hear from you..... can you clear one thing up for us, whereabouts are you located ?
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  19. I live in Witney, West Oxfordshire. Just off the A40.
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