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For Sale Rokker Revolution Jeans

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by SP4S, Apr 3, 2022.

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  1. A5D4F887-7416-4EE1-947E-402F377681AF.jpeg A5A23E6A-558F-4215-8D2B-4BB7073D5AC9.jpeg EF7B3818-D868-468A-AEF0-DF72C306BB3B.jpeg C0A11D48-EB23-4952-8275-509C2FBAB8FE.jpeg F51301F6-77D9-4487-AB80-D73AC4F7764B.jpeg 6FA7BEE8-EA2F-4E6D-B047-215B9D6C6F5D.jpeg 6B8427D3-0E9E-46AD-B5B3-54BE1A3E4E1C.jpeg 69C8C262-BF96-4AAE-AF76-5A5DC9F4BB81.jpeg I was bought these at Christmas by my wife as i do lots of short journeys and didnt want to be wearing full-on Rukka gear all the time.

    Unfortunately, i just cant shift the extra few pounds around the stomach/waist area. I have admitted defeat and the jeans will need to go, as much as ive tried they really are suited for someone who is genuine 32 waist, im nearer 34 now :eek::eek:

    The quality is amazing, fully waterproof, with hip and knee D30 armour, come packaged in a lovely looking wooden box. All the information below.

    Rokker Revolution Jeans | FREE DELIVERY | Infinity Motorcycles

    The Rokker Company | Revolution

    32 waist, 32 leg, although quite long in the leg, im 5'8 and length is long on me.

    Never worn, so brand NEW. Cost £349 December 2021

    £250 ovno plus postage in the UK
  2. Why is it that all the clothing bargains are for giants?
  3. I have Rokker jeans & they're brilliant in the rain showers. Fortunately I can't speak for their crash resistance.
  4. I'm 5'8 and 33/4 waist, im hardly a giant mate.

    Yes Jez i agree pretty high end motorcycle clothing. My wife only buys me the best, i believe buying a size that was 'snug' was a hint at losing a few pounds :bucktooth::bucktooth:
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  5. I am more than happy now with my Ducati branded jeans for 75 quid....
  6. Love my Rokkertech jeans, great quality, fit and style. I use the layered approach for summer touring but totally get the waterproof Revolution version for our climate. GWS
  7. Depends on where you sit in the size range. As far as I’m concerned, the 32”waist is unlikely to get past my knees, let alone getting my leg actually in the trouser :joy: Andy
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    Im still wearing 32 waist jeans/trousers, these are 32 too, tried them on again today, they are fine around the waist, its just the spare tyre around my stomach thats making them uncomfortable. Too many beers
  9. There is no such thing :D Andy
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  10. Eastern Sunday bump. £200 delivered. Really don’t want to go eBay route.
  11. SOLD
    Please close thread.
  12. Thread closed
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