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Rugby World Cup - No Spoilers Please...oh, Go On Then.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by RickyX, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. I just bought a ticket for a sweepstake running at work.

    What a waste of a fiver, I picked bloody New Zealand! That’s no use as we all know England are going to win....
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  2. The team with the most polynesians will win...
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  3. Any good online free steaming sites (that you don't need to sign up to and constantly stop!) anyone?
  4. It’s on the telly. ITV
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  5. So Aussie & NZ, SA, Wales, Eng, IRL, NI, Scots plus Italy, Samoa, Argentina & Japan?
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  6. The Welsh team's Backs coach, Rob Howley, has been sent home from Japan, following an alleged breach of WRU betting policy made by an 'Integrity team' (sic) of an unnamed betting company. Given that the WRU policy on betting is 'you cannot bet on any rugby game played at any level, directly or by proxy', Howley either has to be extremely stupid or (more likely ?) a victim of someone's mistake. Andy
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  7. It's not Eire. Ireland includes both ROI and NI.
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  8. This one's been brewing for a while lets hope the all the northern hemisphere teams are fighting fit to take down the southern hemisphere ones;).For me personally i just need to watch close exciting rugby matchs & may the best team win the silverware.:upyeah:
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  9. FTFY
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  10. We will!
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  11. Don't count your chickens & all that claptrap just yet my friend.:grinning:
  12. True that.. but I think we have a pretty good chance and I like giving the large one!!
    If not the AB's I'd been happy with Ireland to take it... No other result will sit well !!
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  13. Ireland or Wales as a second choice for me,also would like to see a shock defeat in the first few rounds just for fun mind you.;)
  14. Screenshot_20190222-235225.png
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  15. Much prefer league to union but the ABs play the best stuff and it's their's to lose.
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  16. I have been waiting for this thread. Cannot wait.
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  17. Screenshot_20190917-195907.png
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  18. SWMBO actually aaked me earlier if I was going to have a beer’y breakfast.
    Excellent idea.
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  19. Congratulations to Japan for winning their first game against Russia,watched the highlights earlier :zzz:& a bit one sided for me.IMO
  20. Watched first half live. Was interesting in a way women’s football is...
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