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For Sale Rukka Jacket For Sale

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by SP4S, Nov 24, 2021.

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  1. I’ve had this jacket for about 5 years, just upgraded to a new Klim jacket so this must go. Have far too many jackets (8 at last count)

    A month ago I treated it with Storm ultimate wash/proof, recommend by Rukka. I treat my jackets every year before winter just as a precaution.

    The jacket comes with armour as well as a basic back protector and winter/thermal liner, which works a treat even in weather we been having this week. I wore it this week and snug as bug even though it was freezing. Just had a shirt and jumper on.

    I have worn it in torrential downpours and not let in a drop of rain.

    Not sure what model it is. It’s a Euro size 50, UK size 40, I’m 5’8 and (sort of ) athletic and it fits me perfectly.

    All zips/straps work. Two issues with the jacket. Bottom 2 buttons/studs need replacement, never got around to doing this. The zips for pockets need the little pull thingies. I been improvising with paper clips and tape.

    Other than the above the jacket is excellent. No rip/tears.

    £150 plus postage.








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  2. Saturday bump.
  3. Midweek bump
    Anyone at £125?
  4. That's a bargain for somebody. Bought a secondhand Rukka a couple of years ago and it's still going strong..
  5. Thanks Vulpine.
    Not often Rukka jackets come up for sale at £125 :joy::joy:
  6. Looks tidy I hope it's snapped up soon
  7. If I wasn't a slightly less 'unathletic' 54 I'd have bought it meself... GLWS
  8. Damn it, I was hoping someone would buy this! ;)

    SP4S I've sent you a DM.
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  9. Seriously... SP4S is reducing his jackets from 8 to 7...and I'm going from 5 to 6!
    Just don't tell Mrs Maharaja. :grinning:
  10. Sold. Pending payment
  11. Thread closed?
  12. SOLD

    Close thread please
    #12 SP4S, Dec 2, 2021
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  13. Yeah :)
    Thread closed
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