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Rukka Nivali

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by Seanarrow, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. Just bought myself one. Rode home today in it. I know only first run. But love it and think it will be a great investment.
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  2. I have the Nivala Set, I class it as a 3 season suit.....the down fall of the suit is venting, which it does poorly, IF the temp is above 23 degrees them I get to hot
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  3. That's some serious money. What are the benefits over your average laminated GTX jacket?
  4. yeah here that. Was thinking of new forsiar pro Supposed to be a very good vented jacket
  5. I’m sure babyd can answer that
  6. I also have the forsair pro jacket, but not Matching trousers as they are only available in one leg length......yes I could shorten the leg but the knee would still be in the wrong place.
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  7. My arse is in the wrong place and that's why i have short legs - you just cant win.... :rolleyes:
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  8. It’s more down to personal preference, yes 2K for a jacket & trouser set is a lot, there will always be pros & cons with any garment, but if you ride all year or a courier/blood bike etc..... you need something that you can trust to keep you dry & protected.

    I think a lot of the cost is the materials used as in super stretch fabric & the suit being a triple laminate, but that laminate does make the jacket feel heavier that say a normal drop liner jacket.
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  9. Was told harvalssons do a connecting zip for their trousers as them and rukka are same zipnsystem
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  10. They make a halvarssons waist zip - thingie for allowing Rukka & their own kit to be connected to any riding throusers intertwined too a belt.
  11. Thanks, I have several of the connectors I use for my different riding jeans
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  12. I expect the Nivala suit will keep you warm and dry whatever the conditions, and the 6-year warranty isn't to be sniffed at.

    Did you also consider Hideout's bespoke Hi-Pro clobber? For Nivala money, I'd have gone for made-to-measure Hi-Pro clothing. However, Hideout textiles seem flawlessly-made but poorly marketed! I wonder if Hi-Pro jackets and trousers are off many people's textile radar because Hideout doesn't advertise them.
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  13. I have Hideouts textile kit, it is awesome stuff but not cheap.

  14. Agreed since I've started commuting long distance damp leaky clothing is to be avoided, my textile allows enough water in on my elbows to be noticeable not so bad if I'm on the way home infuriating if going to work. :mad:
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