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Rules, Points And Bans Information Request

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by noobie, Aug 1, 2020.

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  1. In our rules section it declares this

    Warnings and Bans
    Warning Points are used to trigger automatic bans, the point levels at which bans trigger are as follows: 2 points is a 3 day ban from posting. 3 points is a 5 day ban from posting. 4 points is a 7 day ban from posting. 5 points is a 14 day ban from posting. 6 and 7 are a 30 day ban, 8 and 9 points are a 3 month ban. 10 points is a permanent ban. Points expire 30 days after they have been issued, except Adult Content and Trolling points expire 180 days after they have been issued.

    I can't see anywhere on a persons profile page where the points are declared, are these hidden from members and if yes, would it be possible for a more open and transparent system to be applied so members can see where they stand?

    At the moment, members can dissapear quicker than residents of honk kong, so if a more transparent system was in place, I suspect it would be a welcome addition to the forum by many of those who use and contribute to it
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  2. Transparency..... they will see through that!
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  3. Since I don't practice being a W'ker on the forum, I've no reason to worry about this sort of thing.
    Perhaps you should take a long hard look at yourself chap?

    Steve R
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  4. Why would you need to know how far from a ban a member is, that's for the member and the admin team.

    If you're talking about your profile don't you already know this information?

    Maybe start a thread on 'how many points before a ban you have', then those who are interested in divulging the information you so desperately seek can join you?
  5. It’s already public noobie
    Thread closed

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