950 S How To Turn Ign On

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  1. :thinkingface: Bit embarrassing this. Dropped the Guzzi in for a small service this morning and returned on a 2019 950s Multi demonstrator.
    Motor was running when I got my leg over and was told to keep the KEY in my pocket. I was under the impression the IGN would come on as and when I approached the bike to start it, but, now that it is stopped no matter where I wave the Remote KEY thingy the IGN doesn't come on.
    To stop it when I got home I used the Kill button.
    Somebody run me through the start procedure please, shop is closed 'till tomorrow and I don't know any home numbers.:(
  2. If it is anything like the 1200s Multi then you have buttons to press as well as having the key in your pocket or nearby.
    First move the kill switch cover up to reveal the red button. Below you should find another squarish button (grey on a 1200) which you press to turn on the ignition system. The instrument panel will light up and auto pre-ignition checks made. Then push the uncovered red button to start the engine.
    If the side stand is down retract it before engaging a gear as otherwise the engine will cut out.
    Good luck.
  3. ...thanks pal. I had a fiddle around and discovered the Lock Button was the answer to it all.
  4. I had to call the VW garage a few years back as couldn't start a courtesy Golf, needed the clutch pressed in it transpired :poop:.
  5. Ha ha..live and learn eh. ;)
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  6. I was at a petrol pump at the time with impatient people behind.....