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For Sale S2r800 Monster @£2950 Now Sold

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by dukesox, May 2, 2020.

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    Hi All, earlier this year I bought my wife an S2R800 as a step up from her current 695 monster but she has decided that the new bike is that little bit to tall and heavy for her so she is sticking with the 695 so .....the S2R is a September 2006 bike with 22000 miles. It has full service history including a valve check at 16k miles and late in March this year it had a belts, fluids and filter service after having not been ridden for 2 years. Mechanically i believe it to be all good with no obvious faults other than the oil temperature light and clock not working. Mot to April 2021, all the books, black key, red key and code card all present.
    It is not standard , Marvic exhaust fitted along with Rizoma triple clamp bars, tail chop and bar end mirrors. It sounds great and seems to go well based on my rides to work and back this week.
    From a distance it looks amazing but up close it is a little tatty as I have tried to show in the pictures with a few chips to the paintwork and come corrosion on the engine. It is hpi clear but it has been over at some point with grazing obvious in a few areas.
    Please ask if you have any questions or would like more pictures. Bike located near junction 12 of the M1 in Bedfordshire. Not sure what to say about viewings at the moment but where there's a will etc.

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  2. Very nice, good luck with the sale.
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  3. Oh well, not even a sniff of interest , its almost as if there is some sort of pandemic about preventing people from travelling to look at bikes.
    I`ll slip it on Ebay in a day or two.
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  4. Theses usually fly out the door but this one has issues and is too expensive, even with the 996 brake upgrade up front.
    Be interesting to see what eBay brings...
  5. Thanks for the feedback, what would you suggest is reasonable weighing up the good and bad ? It is by far the cheapest available that I can see for sale . Several hundred below the next cheapest & over £1000 below the rest.
  6. Trouble is these often get over valued as they were quite rare, I can't see a mint one with sub 10k miles being anymore than 3.5k when you look at the market as a whole, the 800 was not the popular one, people wanted the 1000cc version for the better forks and twin discs, I ran a 800 S2R for 2 years and c13000 miles and loved it, but only bought it because it was cheap compared to the 1000cc.

    I sold that back in 2011 I think with 15,000 miles on it, full Ducati history and bar some minor engine corrosion it was mint with no stone chips, lights on etc for £3,800 .....

    Yours I suspect is somewhere in the low to mid 2's based on the current climate.
  7. It looks good, as you say from a distance - but it is a 2006 bike so to be expected GLWS
  8. Interesting, I think it will go for a little more than that based on 2 offers received so far on Ebay. I have declined them both which I may regret but time will tell.
  9. You don't sound in a huge hurry to sell which is good as right now I think the market will be at its lowest.

    In a few of weeks when some people are more confident about their jobs, and are able to actually go out and ride, -in the sunshine- things will improve. If you've already had offers, I'd think it shows your bike has appeal.
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  10. Love the sentiment but all that will happen is people will hold cash as many get made jobless.

    Have you tried pushing up the offers to where you feel acceptable?
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  11. Wow you are a gloomy bugger! Has your wife let you back in the house yet or are you still camping?
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  12. I’m fine, lovely warm and comfy bed. It’s the millions that won’t have one that makes me gloomy x

    apologies OP for the drift. Glws it’s at the value where it should appeal to a much wider audience than a 1299 or whatever for 15k :upyeah:
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  13. I have and waiting to hear back once he has a quote to get the tank painted. We may both have to compromise a bit but that's fine.
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  14. I had one of these about 14 years ago and they are great bikes. They may not have the brakes and suspension if the 1000 but neither are lacking and more than good enough for a road bike. I loved mine. Really smooth motor and great handling.
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  15. Those single disc brakes were shocking with the slidey caliper things, horrendous trying to get the thing to stop with what was c17.5st of me on it plus kit, especially in the wet lol ..... the suspension as you say was more than adequate .... great fun on the road and able to use all the throttle :)
  16. Looks a good buy David
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  17. I was only 11st, that will make a difference then. I even did DSC runs on mine. As you say being able to use all the throttle was good. I do keep looking at them and wondering but I need to be selling bikes not adding. If I was buying another bike I think an S2R would be top of my list.

    GLWTS @dukesox
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  18. If I didn't need to pillion Vic about would be my choice too, a decent S2R 1000 although the Hyperstrada would run it a close 2nd ...
  19. I have a lovely S2R1000, that is what made me get the 800 for my wife, I thought it would suit her perfectly. A noticeable extra dollop of torque with the 1000 but noticeably less smooth too. I cant say I can really feel the difference in the suspension or brakes but then I`m not one for getting my knee down etc. I`m much happier pottering about looking at the fluffy bunnies in the fields.
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  20. my single disc set up on 600 was fine for my 19st to lift the rear from flat out (ok flat out only 110! lol)

    I keep looking at these and the 1000 as I have the plate ready to go...
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