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1260 Sat Nav Help!

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Dan_MultiGT, Mar 7, 2020.

  1. Proud owner of a 1260 GT and having a bit of a nightmare trying to sort out the sat nav....

    I bought an original Ducati nav Mount Part no. 96680581A and fitted it to the bike. The Ducati online configurator lists the Garmin Zumo 396 nav unit so instead of paying nearly £800 for the unit, I bought the Zumo 396 LMT-S unit from eBay brand new.

    Now this is where my problem starts, the mount for the nav is the wrong way round, the Zumo 396 I bought clips in on the left and right hand side, where as the Ducati mount wants it to clip in top and bottom. I’ve bought two different mount kits from two different dealers as one dealer told me they changed the mounting but they’re both the same.




  2. Can you not just rotate the mount 90 degrees? you should be able to swivel the mount on the ball
  3. there is no ball, it’s a fixed mount unfortunately...
  4. Ah, right my mount was the same as the top photo, had a ball on the end, strange the garmin site is showing the mount as having a ball on Capture.JPG
  5. Can you not fit the 396 mount that came with the unit?
  6. i want to mount it above the speedo, the mounts which come with it are the handlebar mounts.
  7. Right, I'm not sure with the 1260 whats available with regards to mounting points, i compromised and replaced the handle bar clampbolt with a ram ball mount, I then bought another ball clamp and dogbone so my satnav sat above the speedo, only you might not be happy with this as it's not a static set up, the satnav follows the motion of the bars, might be worth taking the kit you've got to the dealer and try to sort it out on site.
  8. I think you need to take a look at the Ducati nav Mount and then you’ll understand what the issue is...

    I’m keen to find out what the back of the Ducati branded Zumo 396 looks like, has anyone got one?
  9. Maybe only the Ducati version of the satnav fits? hope you sort it :upyeah:
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  10. maybe mate? Be interested to see what other people have to say. Thanks for replying
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  11. Howdy.

    Maybe look at getting a similiar bracket on AliExpress that uses the windshield mounts to place the Zumo 396 brackets you got with the unit (i have the older 395 in a touratech mount but it uses the same 12mm rod to mount to)

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  12. Looks like that works, but I’d still like to make use of the original Ducati nav Mount as I like the look of it and it’s pretty solid.
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  13. Faced a similar challenge when I purchased the Ducati mount for use with my Zumo 590. The 590 cradle uses the industry standard AMPS hole pattern, the 395 and the Ducati mount go their own way in this regard.

    I wound up buying an adapter plate from @Desmo Dave of this parish. Not sure if he still does them? This replaces the plastic mounting trunnion of the Ducati mount and has the AMPS hole pattern. Check your cradle has this.

    Fitting required a bit of gentle bending to widen the arms of the Ducati mount but it all works and looks good.
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  14. I've got the zumo 346 which is western Europe only version of the 396 so exactly the same. I'm using a navihalter and it sits correctly. You have to use spacers to give room for the power lead. I'll get some pics up later if you want.
  15. i did message Dave but yet to get a response - thanks though
  16. The evotech one is great fits pretty much all the garmin units I think av a look on their website
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  17. Same with zumo 590. Find a fabricator and make a new rear plate and paint it . No big deal and works a treat

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