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  1. Hi all,

    A have a dual pipe SC Power on my 796 and it has an AFM unit fitted too.

    It was set to number 6 and all seemed fine. I then took the baffles out to see what it was like; loud, raucous and full of pops and bangs basically. Hilarious.

    As fun as the pops and bangs are, it obviously isn't running optimally, and I wondered whether anyone had any suggestion as to how to improve this using the AFM? With a more free breathing exhaust and the popping I presume I need a slightly leaner mix? Does anyone know whether that is the higher numbers or the lower ones on the SC unit!?!


  2. I'd suggest getting it to a dyno. Without an accurate way of reading your exhaust you'd be guessing at best. If you get it to a dyno that can reflash a ducati ecu youll see other benefits also.
  3. No dynos here in Jersey : (
  4. Not easy to get to the mainland?? it'd be worth the trip....ironically last night was the culmination of months of nagging my mate to take his rc8r (and his other bikes) to the dyno and he did and is over the moon...started off with 159 bhp and ended up with 171 - just from an ecu flash....what im getting at is i know its a pain in the arse (moreso for you!) but its well worth it...
  5. I'd love to, but before anything else it'll cost me c.£200 return boat ticket, and 4.5hrs sea travel each way (so realistically also a night in a hotel). Also, I'm not sure my wife and baby son would be entirely understanding of my disappearing for a weekend to England for something called a dyno-run!

    I might eb able to find somewhere close-by in France I suppose...
  6. Alternatively you could send your ecu away for a "flash map" - cjs do that (where i take mine) - they convert the stock ecu to a race module and add their own tweaks in there also....
  7. Interesting...
  8. Yep - they tend to....

    1. Increase the redline by 500 rpm.
    2. Put their own generic performance fuel mapping on.
    3. Remove the need for o2 sensors (so you can remove them and blank the pipe off)
    4. Delete the flapper valve motor so that can be unplugged also.

    3 and 4 are on a stock DP ecu just to note.