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Scott Redding Valencia Lap V4s

Discussion in 'Racing & Bike Sport' started by Buckers, Jan 31, 2020.

  1. Amazing time posted by Scott Redding on a near standard V4S of 1.34.5! Had a quick google last World Superbike Superpole lap in 2009 was 1.34.7. That’s progress and no small amount of talent!

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  2. he's a dude... bit of a weird dude with his street talk but a dude nonetheless.. still wish he had been given a proper bike in moto gp as i think he is as talented and keen as any off em in that paddock... and he's a funny fucker
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  3. He is outstanding. Both feet on the ground, top man.
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  4. Funny as hell and really entertaining to talk to - bet if he was at the Ducati dinner he’d be there all night having laugh with all
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  5. I'm a full on fan boy. Such a legend. Was nearly in tears when I met him at Knockhill after 8 pints.
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  6. Scott had 8 pints and you cried? Bit weird.
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  7. No I had 8 pints of beer and cried 3 pints of tears.
  8. It was a wet race then
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  9. lol
  10. why cant i come up with this shit? thats gold dude
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  11. liquid gold :confounded:
  12. yeah... tick tock..... still waiting for your funny stuff...
  13. You little (fat) liar :eek:
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  14. But you do all the time. I spat my beer out with this:
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  15. Imagine how quick he will be with a black frame
  16. Good season in wsbk might well get him back to gp who knows
  17. there is just no seats available in the gp.... but never say ever. if he raises enough eyebrows and given hes had history there ,you never know... id love to see him on a factory bike,dont care which (ok, maybe not the prilla or ktm)
  18. Im not his biggest fan although I enjoy his bloggs and is a good rider some reason reminds me of Simmonchelli but momentum is on the up who knows where it will take him he is certainly young enough if the attitude is right and determination in place the lad might surprise a few who thought he screwed it up ( me including) I am warming to him admittedly
  19. i dont think he screwed anything up in the moto gp... he just didnt get the rides im sure he was talented enough for due to the lack of rides/politics... he's a character though and i hope he gets back in the gp... mainly coz i cant afford to watch the other series!
  20. Hopefully he takes over from cal as he is in the twilight by sound of it
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