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Scottish Motorcycle Show 2024

Discussion in 'Rideouts & Events' started by midlifecrisis, Mar 17, 2024.

  1. Just back from Ingliston after spending the day at the show. I have to say that it was much better than last year’s disappointing event with all the major manufacturers represented and lots of clothing, accessories and tools for sale too. The only thing that spoiled it for me was that some thieving toe-rag nicked the seat cowl from my bike when it was parked outside. I don’t suppose anyone on here has a red seat cowl to fit a 750ie Monster they no longer want.
  2. Agree with you about the show, thought it was quite good this year, definitely better than last time I went a few years ago. I got there early and it was fine to sit on a few bikes, especially the new Ducati Hypermotard. Sorry to hear about your seat cowl.
  3. another positive for the show here...the Carl , Ruben and Glen interviews were ace
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