749 Seat Cowl ?

Discussion in '749 / 999' started by Garry Lister, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Another question for the fountains of knowledge out there
    My previous bikes (both gixer 750's) ive had a pillion seat "hump" rather than the pillion seat pad itself , is there one available for the 749/999 ? Found a carbon one but dont want to pay £350 plus painting if i can help it
    Thanks in advance
  2. Yes I've seen the ones gixxer boys use.

    Well you can get a single seat unit for it or you can get a cowl that goes over the pillion seat to make it look more race.

    Or just get another gixxer type unit:

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  3. Or you can get one that you put on in place of the seat pad,I have one in black and one that I resprayed to look like the mono rear end
  4. They are rocking horse shit. I got 2. If you see one up for sale, grab it. 1st one I drove 100 mls (each way) on a Sunday night to fetch.
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  5. Mine might be for sale
  6. In which case. They are well common and not worth much. Will give you £20 posted as I'm feeling generous tonight. PM me your details and I'll PayPal FnF.
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  7. Funny how things suddenly change from rocking horse to dog poop
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  8. If you decide to sell I'm definitely interested
  9. Hi Garry,send me your email and I ll send you some pics,can't load on here,stu
  10. I’d also be very interested to replace my biposto pillion seat with a mono type cover. Any about?
  11. I have a cowl on mine, as seen in my avatar. Can't remember how much i paid, i've had it on there for about 10 years and i don't remember it bankrupting me at the time. Looks much better IMO than the seat.