899 Sell Bike As Is Or Take The Parts Off

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  1. Hi All, some advise required.

    I have a 2013 899 that I am looking to sell in the next few months, I have my name in for a new v4.

    The thing is I have quite a few extras on my bike the now, wheels, suspension, brakes, levers, 1299 rear end. Is it better to try and sell the bike as it is or change back to near standard? Ducati have suggested I do this but I don't really want to go down that road.

    Whats everyones opinions?

    Thanks in advance
  2. every bike I have ever had I have regretted selling the stock parts, put it back to as near normal and sell the fancy pants bits separately or advertise it at 2 prices one with your fancy parts and one without
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  3. Probably get more money for taking the parts off and selling in bits.

    Comes down to how much time you want to spend on it.

    Things like wheels you probably will be able to recoup quite a bit of the cost of.
  4. Sounds like a really nice bike, do you have any pictures :)
  5. Here it is, looking at it I always think I should keep it but when the v4 comes along i'l probably never ride it which would be a shame

  6. Parts are worth a fraction of the cost when sold with a bike. Strip it.
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  7. That’s nice mate, Some lovely bits on her. I’ve Put a few quid into mine of late, only thing on my wish list now are Termi’s and Ohlins forks :upyeah:
  8. I presume your question is based on a private sale and not as a px? Either way, take off the trick and sell them goodies separately from the bike. You might see a couple of grand back that way.

    Twere it me, I would keep it as selling in the winter is the worst time, then see how you feel in April. Plus, you won't be paying the twat premium for the v4 just because you queued up like them new iphone numpties :D
  9. Always more money in removing and selling accessories.

    Some nice parts fitted and people will be fighting over them. You will have no trouble selling the extras.
  10. I hear what your saying but been literally choking for a new bike, well a v4 to be honest for the last year and I want this bad, not 100% sold on styling so far but hopefully good in the flesh
  11. Good advise here for the back to standard and sell the bits..


    Worth banging up a few pics and the two prices, you never know, someone might pay a premium for the bike as is and save the strip job..

    Or do I just want to see some more pics of the bike;):upyeah:
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  12. Therein lies another question, what price should I be looking at for both options? Buying and selling is not my speciality
    Bikes a 63 plate, 7,500mls, full ducati service history
    Bst carbon wheels, Ohlins fgrt200 forks, in superleggera black, ttx36 gp shock, brembo hpk discs, did full gold chain
    evotech rad guards, asv levers, genuine new 1299 subframe and genuine panels, evotech tail tidy, 1199 superleggera grips
    termi slip on and a few carbon looks.
    Looks "almost" identical to a 2015 1199R




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  13. I might buy the shock if you strip it

    Would also be interested in the forks.

    What weight springs are fitted?
  14. Not sure to be honest, they were set up for my weight of 90kg without riding gear.
    I know they feel just right, took the handling to a new level thats for sure
  15. I’m 85kg so will be right for me then

    Let me know if you decide to take them off
  16. I'd have the discs....
  17. Your selling this for an aprilia?? :thinkingface:
  18. David, I would be surprised in you had your name down for a V4 and a dealer licking his lips at your forthcoming money, that you didn't ask what a bike px would be with and without the goodies on the bike.

    What did the dealer offer as a px on 899 against the V4?