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Sell Or Part Out?

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by golfgeezer, May 1, 2019.

  1. 92795031-83E0-4257-98EF-94E1B40FCA90.jpeg F9BD03FB-55FF-43C2-925D-3C0D4427C46F.jpeg Now that I’ve recently got myself a M900 I have the realisation that I’ll probably never ride the 900ss. Since I’ve owned it it hasn’t moved from the day it was pushed into my garage 2.5 years ago. Over that time I’ve accumulated various parts as follows to change things around if you want to go the superlight-alike or full fairings looks -
    Red mirrors
    Pillion seat cover
    Full fairings for correct period
    Single seat unit
    Carbon front mudguard
    Rear hugger
    High level link pipes

    The question is should I sell these parts and the bike together as a project or not? It did run when I started it last but it’ll need a good recommissioning now with belts, carbs cleaned, fluids changed etc before I’d hit that starter button.

    I’ll take pics of all the bits tomorrow.
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  2. Couple of pics added above
  3. Sorry to be a vulture but can I buy your half fairings and bracketry if you part out?
  4. Sell as a project on ebay,one sale =one payment:upyeah:
  5. Minus the half fairings...

    Actually you should buy it. It's a lovely package.
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  6. Way too far away travel wise for me:(,and also looking at a monster 99 model this weekend:confused:
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  7. Gaylord. :p
  8. What's wrong with a monster then:thinkingface:
  9. Nothing, they're a perfectly respectable second bike to an SS. :)

    It was more the distance comment... come on, roadtrip!!!! With a bike at the end!
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  10. I did a road trip to norfolk recently 7.5/8 hours return to a view a 900SL,what a pile of poop:( some journeys are a waste of time.: unamused:
  11. I went to Aberdeen to look at a bent old MHR... Brighton for a dusty old SS and California for an 860. Man up! You're either with us or not! :kissing_heart:
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  12. Stop picking on me:blush:
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  13. [​IMG]

    I think they're quite nice...
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  14. So many,many bikes and so little time:grinning:
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  15. I also looked at the one for sale down in billinghurst recently in banana yellow ^^^^^^^and put in a offer:upyeah:
  16. And they're making more bikes all the time, so buy quick... Svartpilen's will be affordable before you know it! I'm thinking of getting out of Ducati and into two-stroke 250s and four-stroke 400s. I'd quite like a KTM RC390R too... I've given up carbs so I look less of a dick on smaller bikes.

    Buy the SS... it'll be a good thing to get and it's an early small breather, with white frame and white wheels. Unless you're going to get an 851 then that is the thing to get.
  17. Triple 8 everytime over the 851/900SL IMO:upyeah:
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  18. Most interest/potentially best price will be if you put it back to as near original as possible. This is how I would sell it anyway, and if buyer is interested in additional bits then will make job easier. Out of interest - why won't you ride it? I looked at one identical to this near Esher around 10 years ago. Seller wanted around £950 for it, mileage was mid 20K-ish.

    @Sev ?
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  19. Nah, early 851 is sublime. My only gripe is it's not a tricolore.


    So anyway, how much is this SS you're buying?
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