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Discussion in 'D16 Desmosedici RR' started by Desmo Jim, Oct 31, 2019.

  1. After a lot of sole searching I have decided to sell my beloved Desmo. But were is the best place to do it, as I placed an add on MCN the other week, but took it down after a couple of days. Because of the amount of time wasting 'test drivers' who had no intention of purchase.

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  2. The Classic auction sites seem to be the place for theses sort of bikes?
    As for MCN, you might as well go to Gumtree
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  3. Become a subscriber and sell on here.

    Have the Sheffield mob given you price?
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  4. That is stunning, I’m just off to sell a kidney....
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  5. Sadly a D16RR will always attract dreamers and chancers. To sell through this forum you will need to become a subscriber which costs a minimum of £5 but for £15 you receive a Halfords trade card as well. You will get a lot of love and well wishers on here and maybe, just maybe the one person you are looking for. A clear and concise advert with model, history, yoke number, confirmation of completed recalls, what is included and how much you are expecting has to be worth a £5 punt. GLWS Andy
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  6. Now that's a life choice that o_O. GLWS, bet its an experience just owning one.
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  7. If you sell on here you must be a subscriber to do so
  8. F#*k me that is drop dead gorgeous, particularly with that paint. Always wanted one but sadly it’s a dream. GLWS & I wish!
  9. How much do you want for it Jim?
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  10. mj-popcorn.gif
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  11. In my opinion a bike of this value is safer to be sold via dealers/trade professionals....GLWS.
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  12. I've just been to the bank. o_O

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  13. I never said that was me. :thinkingface: That's my bank manager in the picture......................Jamie Whitham. :)
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  14. Question do you provide long summer weekend rentals.:)
  15. Why would you want @Robarano for long summer rent o_O
  16. :eek:;)
  17. Place it in a Ducati Dealers showroom, pay their commission on the sale.
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  18. Is that the one in York with a new posh front door installed recently.;)