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Senna St4s Abs (reg St04xxx)

Discussion in 'Sport Touring' started by John W, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Hi all,
    does anybody on here have my old Senna Grey ST4S ABS ?

    I sold it to a guy I worked with in Portsmouth in 2010, and I know he sold it on a few years later.

    I can see its sorn'd at present with no MoT since last year.

    I would be interested to hear how its going, and possibly if your looking to move it on express an interest:yum
  2. Sorry, just saw the ABS model and realised it wasnt mine! Senna Grey is much nicer than the Titanium Grey, which I have always thought of as 'Bat Guano'... (still a superb bike though):

  3. I've bought back an ST4S before because i realised just how good it was. Unfortunately had to sell it again in 2016 following a redundancy so i know how much of a pull they can have.
    Mine was not ABS but if i saw a good ABS version i think i would go for it rather than a mutley which is what i am currently contemplating.
    Good luck finding yours.
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  4. Thanks guys.
    To be honest when I first got my mts it made the st4s feel very tame in comparison.
    If I had kept it, it might not have got used much as I have other bikes.

    I had asked the guy I sold it to, to let me know if he wanted to sell it, but he forgot :pensive:
    I can see it's not getting used and it's not motd, so just thought I would ask, you never know :)

    The alternative is I go looking for an st4s and drop a 1200 lump into it :p
  5. Just make it a proper 996 motor, 80lb ft is almost multi territory and 130 hp aint bad ;)

    I wonder if anyone has put an 1198 motor in there...
  6. Bradders, the st4s has a 996 motor, and makes 120bhp.
    It's not bad but it's nothing like the multi.

    An 1198 engine in an st frame would be very nice :)
  7. In terms of Specials, Ducati John has made a superb ST4-SP and over on Ducati-upnorth, Alex has just finished an awesome build of an 1198 motor into an ST3!

    Both factory quality builds.
  8. Iain Rhodes @ RPM in Northampton was selling a 2004 st4s for his uncle when I last spoke to him a couple of weeks ago. From memory it is red, has 15k miles and fsh, not sure if they all had abs in 2004. In case you dont know Iain he has been a mechanic for Ducati, Baines, Forza Italia and now has his own workshop, very good indeed and a nice guy too. Might be worth getting in touch with him . Tempted myself as I have an MTS that I`m not entirely sure that I want to keep.
  9. I know, but cams and squish and have a proper one ;)
  10. Dukesox, the st4s abs was a specific model, and said abs on thevside panels, the others didn't have abs back then.
    It cost 1k more than the normal st4s.

    Bradders, I had a 996, and a 998 ;)
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  11. Bat Guano Frank?
    Perhaps we should start a new Facebook page...?lol
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  12. ST4s has one of the best engines I've ever experienced. My Dad complains daily about selling his. Not my kinda bike but wow it sounded amazing with GPR pipes on it.
    Engine just felt so free! Might not have been the most powerful thing on earth but it felt it! Everything was much more direct and instant than on anything modern.

    I think he forgets about all the electrical gremlins that kept popping up but it was such a lovely bike to ride.
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  13. Hiyes its possible to put an 1198 in a ST frame but not an easy job.My build has 1198 sp engine,swing arm,front and rear Ohlins suspension,alloy fuel tank,wheels.Streetfighter exhaust and 2 years from start to finish.


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  14. Lots of love for this bike here. Selling my dads ST4S over on the for sale page if anyone fancies a look.
  15. My Bat Barf Grey ST4s is still sitting in my garage - couldn’t bear to move it on when I got the Multi. Fully serviced, new ECU & wiring harness (corrosion in the latter fried the former), serviced Ohlins rear shock and K-Tech internals at the front - I start it up about once a month to keep it alive. All it needs are new belts and tyres and it’ll run like new. It’s a keeper, with great memories attached. As John W says, the Multi has a startling amount more punch, but the ST has such a lovely throttle response and a subtlety to its ways that it is still a compelling machine, and one of the most underrated machines ever made.
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