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Sfv4 Chocolate Fixings!

Discussion in 'Streetfighter' started by Andy N, Jul 2, 2021.

  1. We are all aware of the issue with poor quality fixings on our Ducati's and after rounding off another cap head bolt last weekend, whilst changing original heel guards to some nice carbon ones. I have now decided to change as may fixings as possible to either titanium, or quality s/steel/aluminium as appropriate. After combing through reams of posting on this parish and internet, I came across Addiction Motorsport Ltd @Addiction and could not believe their prices for titanium parts. After a few emails with their very helpful chappy Thomas, an order was placed and delivered next day, for all the SFV4 titanium fasteners shown below. 19 items in total, wheel and sprocket carrier nuts, rear sprocket nuts, rear swingarm pinch bolts, ignition lock cover bolts, front wheel nut and pinch bolts and all for nearly the same price for titanium wheel nuts I have seen on other suppliers sites. On first inspection, all fixings are individually packaged, look excellent quality and having now fitted nearly all of them, I have had no issues with fitment. All in all these are excellent quality fixings at very competitive prices and I would highly recommend them. Its just a shame they do not do all the fixings I need.

    Thank you @Addiction for great service and parts.

    Fixings 2.jpg 20210701_153145.jpg 20210701_153049.jpg
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  2. Have you replaced those shit wing bolts ?
  3. Bloody first things that went on me when fitting radiator guards, ended up having to drill 2 out and had to buy a special 150mm long 3mm dia drill bit. Fortunately managed to do this without damaging the female thread. Now I have a lovely set of titanium ones!
  4. They have their own part of the forum
    Give them feedback there too
    See Forum Traders :upyeah:
  5. Does that mean the wings might fall off??? :D
  6. I’ve a whole heap of Titanium hardware that will be identical to the Panigale V4 to be sorted over the next few days. Virtually everything to convert all bolts over to Race grade Titanium. Addictive dedicated front mudguard and and hugger fixings, Plus full fairing kit. Low profile direct replacement kit. Race Ti and Pro-Bolt Full yoke and Bar fixings, Every pinch bolt, swingarm bolts, lower fork pinch bolts, Akropovic exhaust fixing bolts, Full front and rear subframes, Airfilter housing bolts, All footpeg hardware, Full fairing kit, including all inner fairing bolts. All sensor bolts, All quality Items, some are specific to the V4 all models. So keep an eye out in the for sale section as these will become available…
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  7. A842D142-5015-4FC8-AFAE-579007DBA6D3.jpeg DEDA8620-2285-459F-A673-312C5A7C002D.jpeg 11F3FAD7-0B80-4369-9B38-8E53280F666E.jpeg
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  8. Okay @Dave dunlop you have my attention.... How much for that little lot?
  9. I really need to through each packet and double check quantities, and clean etc. If your looking for the Streetfighter nearly everything will transition over. I will definitely have Titanium Addictions front special mudguard and hugger fixings X2 in black Titanium or also natural Silver. I've 2 sets of each that covers both front and rear hugger. 4 bolts for front and 4 for rear. Ohlins pinch bolts, Yoke and all other pinch bolts will be identical. Sub frame rear the same. Engine main bolts, full Akrapovic Exhaust bolts underside with Titanium lock nuts, Titanium Addictions brembo spacers... and loads more. Like I said I will be going through each packet shorty. Just keep an eye out in the for sale section as of next week. I also need to work out a fair price structure.
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  10. Shite fixings on £20k bikes is a disgrace really, makes your wonder what else they skimp on
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  11. I can concur with the Heel guard bolts

    Putting on Carbon hel guards last night i managed to shred the bolts despite having warmed them up first to soften the ludicrous threadlock

    Ended up with a cutting wheel in a dremel and carving a cross to get a big screw driver on to them
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  12. These sort of issues completely put me off getting another Ducati. I'm not as handy as you guys, so if something went wrong I'd be stuffed.
  13. As a heads up KTM use the same Cheese too something to consider before you commit, my 02 BMW are far easier to undo without causing any damage so not made of Cheese.:(
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