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Shi*e Work On Insurance Repair - Sorted

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by TelRobinson, Sep 15, 2019.

  1. Hi guys,

    My never ending luck with the bike continues.

    Following on from the damage to the bike in July, I finally got the bike back from the repairer, but found so many issues.

    As they are the insurers ‘approved’ repairer (200 miles away), I didn’t get a chance to see it until it had been dropped off. No paperwork was given or signature asked for when the Mrs took collection either.

    From the outset, it looked like the bike had come back from the repairers looking like new! I done 90 miles on a trip and had a good look over it when I got home and noticed a bit of a crappy finish in the laquer on the seat fairing. Then that clicked me into checking the rest of the bike over, what a head ache it turned out to be.

    I found a load of really poor work, runs in the paint, moisture under the lacquer, bad crack repairs, and then some bits that were clearly not checked as part of the damage and hidden!

    Basically looking to know if the bike has to go back to the repair garage that carried out the work, or wether I can take it to my own local specialist to take a proper look over it and quote to put it back to its original condition.

    I found the list of crap on Friday and the insurers don’t open until 9am tomorrow, so I just want to be prepared.

    Thanks guys
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  2. I dont know,matey.I bet youre more than a little pissed off though.I would be!Hope you get it sorted.
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  3. I’ll stick some photos up later, but it’s massively gutting. I think that’ll be it for riding this year, as it hasn’t been the best with the engine going tits up, the accident etc.

    Might be time for a new bike!
  4. I remember a new bike being punted whilst parked at the local b&q by an old bloke who didn't "see it"

    The company the insurance company wanted me to go to, I was aware they were cheap but shit so showed the reviews to the insurer. I then insisted it be allowed to go to a repairer that I knew was more local and had a high reputation. They agreed pending a estimate.

    When you speak to the insurers explain why you would not want the bike to go there again and that any future quote may now be higher than the first as it now has to repair the repair whilst undoing the crap job of their "specialist"

    I did however have to be quite firm about it's my turn to control the repairs now., you will have the photo's to help your case
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  5. @noobie Thanks a lot mate. That’s exactly what I plan on doing.

    Now the O/S mirror has been replaced, it is now a different colour and finish to the N/S one

    Really bad paint runs in the paint/clear coat on the seat fairing

    Moisture under the lacquer on the seat fairing

    Top fairing repair has started to crack along the original damage and has broken the paint in 4 places

    Battery terminal has corroded and discoloured on the positive terminal of the new battery and has started to get hot (now disconnected)

    O/S fairing has cracked along the lines of the repair in 2 places

    The paint around these cracks is soft and like gel. More than likely hasn’t been left to cure properly

    Repair to the chips on the O/S frame stands out like a sore thumb and can see the sanding lines

    New scratch on the frame next to the battery

    Battery acid damage to reg/rectifier

    Inner fairing repair has been rubbed back to the red undercoat and left. The sealant on the repair looks horrific.

    As the bike fell on its side, it’s broke the carbon clutch cover and left shards. This has been replaced with a standard clutch cover and the bike now churns out an unhealthy amount of dust from the clutch.

    I remove the clutch cover and found carbon fibres still stuck in the springs, a couple of the collars are damaged where they’ve hit the floor and the basket is loose.
    The clutch is only 250 miles old and will now need replacing.

    Also as the bike fell, it smacked the oil cooler and left a leak from the horizontal inspection cover. The oil cooler was replaced, valve cover refitted and it’s now pissed oil inside the fairing.

    All in all, the worst experience I’ve had from any garage. I’ll stick with my trusted guys from now on

    8F0996DF-E6D0-4814-AB18-DE35F1120C96.jpeg 33EE1B7B-A170-4AC5-A331-41B0B4B8C63D.jpeg BC8B68D2-F744-4CBB-8EAD-B45B3166E143.jpeg A79BE91A-36B5-4A00-B0D5-6EC187DC1E39.jpeg E11578DA-D750-409C-9A3C-93E721A7989F.jpeg 75EF028A-2F2E-44F3-97CC-193A4FCE4336.jpeg 85018CA2-D348-44BB-BB7F-E7EFF6107E4C.jpeg DD7CC1C0-F4D3-41AA-8A1E-ECDE51C1767E.jpeg 0E37B3FC-0E13-4190-8B20-B4D5AA6DB248.jpeg 4D1149B3-948D-4BF8-84C9-39C21E7282FC.jpeg 3B6013DE-CCB7-4AEC-A0C9-71050AA8FB21.jpeg D34744C3-0EBB-4E3E-91E5-14D430BB5082.jpeg 045A20E9-2B85-44AB-8E9A-7A0F27B30562.jpeg
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  6. Bloody hell looks like a bunch of cowboys,hard luck mate. Be sure to record all correspondence.
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  7. Good luck getting it sorted mate. The paint job on the seat unit is piss poor! I reckon they’ve got their laddo to sort the bike on the cheap! :-(
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  8. Thats shocking.Keep us up to speed.Good luck.
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  9. Sorry to see this Tel.
    Hopefully you can get it sorted without too much pain.
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  10. Shocking workmanship. Goodluck with getting it resolved.
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  11. That is very bad workmanship..

    Never had an insurance claim but I thought insurance approved dealers will replace with new OEM panels and decals not re-spray the damaged one.(OMG those plasctic repairs are appalling)
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  12. Utterly appalling workmanship , not even bodge standard , shame they arent open today or you could have given them a Sunday roasting,
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  13. Take it up with the insurance company. They employed the repairers, not you. I doubt they will be impressed by that if they have paid for it.
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  14. Thanks guys. The photos of the cracks in the repairs are quite hard to catch on camera.

    It’s been away since 1st August but I’ve only had it back a week and been out on one ride. In 90 odd miles the clutch has worn more than the 20k clutch that it replaced and that was only 250 miles ago :-(

    Insurance guys will be getting a call at 9am to get the ball rolling
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  15. unless the panels had been previously repaired I would in no circumstances let them repair the panels I would be insisting on new panels , they always refer to your policy allowing for repairs and that's when I ask for my written guaranty this has always got me new panels be it a motorcycle car or van ! hope it goes your way Telrobinson .
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  16. @theskitz Thanks mate. For the repairs to fail after a week of being complete and the paint still not fully cured, the only way forward is for them to replace the panels now. Saying that, with the list of issues, I don’t think the panels will be their biggest worry.

    Annoyingly, this is the first time in years that I’ve claimed on insurance and the experience has been total crap.
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  17. Sorry to read all this Tel and I hope you get it sorted satisfactorily. As @noobie says, be firm with them.
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  18. I have never had an insurance company repair panels on a bike. Only ever had it on the car.
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  19. :eyes::punch::neutral:
    Blimey not good any news.
  20. What time do bike molesters open for abuse in the West of Cork?
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