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Short Clutch And Brake Lever Recomendations

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by Magic77, Mar 7, 2020.

  1. Any recomendations on short levers,

    Due to injury in my left hand I have limited use of the small finger so looking for a shorter lever.

    Any recomendations where I coudl get one short and one normal matching for the brake

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  2. Or fit some short pazzo leavers.
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  3. What bike are they for, I have a pair of unknown brand (Chinese knock offs I suspect?) that I’ve just taken off my Multistrada?
  4. I've used ASV on a few of mine, pricey but a really good fit and feel to them :upyeah:
  5. ok ok.....
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  6. i think he is after one short and one long , so wants to know if a supplier could do this?
    just naming brands probably aint much help!
  7. Ahhh didn't read it properly... could be worth a look at ebay... think you can usually buy them individually and maybe get them secondhand if the OP wants to save a few quid..
  8. I think the cheap ones generally come in pairs, thought the good ones ASV, Pazzo etc you can buy singles so you could buy one if each? If your not bothered about the brand though you could probably buy 2 pairs off eBay for the price of one expensive brand one
  9. Never use Chinese leavers extremely dangerous I’ve seen so many accidents on track with front brakes locking up and it always boils down to poor engineering on the leavers
  10. Evotech performance would likely sell you one short and one long...

    My question though would be “what problem are you trying to solve?” Long levers (as opposed to leavers) give more leverage and feel than short ones. Usually the original ones are more ergonomically pleasant than the squared off CNC ones too.

  11. Does everything have to come back to Brexit?
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  12. the problem he is trying to solve is he has one munted pinky finger...
  13. Having less lever to grab will help?
  14. maybe his gimpy finger gets snagged on a longer lever! i dont fucken know!!!!! im just goin on the lil info he shared in the original post.....
  15. Then find out!!! :p
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  16. @El Toro we need to change OPs name to Gimpfinger please.
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  17. or munted pinky
  18. Thanks guys its for the 1260s diavel. The
    Cut the tendons in my small finger abotu 10 years ago. Finger will no longer straigthen or move properly which means its either get gloves where last two fingers are linked or levers. Dont find the gloves idea comfortable so levers it is
  19. OP , I have a similar issue on my throttle hand and use the adjustable levers like the ones linked by Chizel
    It adjusts enough for the unco-operative fingers to remain out of the way

    Dem others , I use two fingers on the brake , and one on the clutch ... Call my fingers gimp or munted and I’ll poke you in the eye with ‘em :)
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