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Shot In The Head....

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by Mary Hinge, May 24, 2021.

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  1. Try as they might these communities can’t get their shit together. And of course it’s the white mans fault.

    I’ll bet anyone anything they like, this vile lady was head jobbed over money. And now that it’s been established the assailants were black, the story will go cold and evaporate.
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  2. Whoosh......
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  3. The other week I happened to end up reading Glasgow’s online newspapers for a couple of hours and there were lots of stories concerning gang-related shootings, stabbings and beatings. To my great surprise almost every single one of the perpetrators and victims were white.

    I also watched a program on tv about gang violence in inner city Birmingham where all these young men in flash cars and designer clothing were causing utter mayhem, robbing, kidnapping, maiming and murdering not just one another but also innocent bystanders. I think it was called “Peaky Blinders”

    And as for all those mass shootings in the US…..
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  4. So white people have an issue with dysfunctional criminals too? Who’d have thunk it?
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  5. So why single out black communities for, as you put it, "not getting their shit together"? It seems that when white communities have issues with criminality then it's "just a few bad apples" or they are romanticised like the Krays*, Peaky Blinders or any number of Guy Ritchie films etc, but when black communities have those sort issues, they're collectively responsible for the gangsterism and thuggery.

    Btw, it appears that the young lady was shot when the gatecrashing of a party turned nasty.

    * And don't give me the "they only intimidated, extorted, maimed, tortured and murdered their own", because they didn't.
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  6. Shot by thugs she was speaking up for. Couldn’t make it up. Can’t condone political violence but having seen her behaviour and attitude, I don’t feel sorry for her either. Horrible person.
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  7. What are you talking about? Are you saying she was speaking up for them personally and individually? Or black youths in general? Or young black criminals? So far from what I’ve read, at this stage nobody knows who shot her or why. The police have arrested a number of men but apart from that, everything else is speculation - it could have been anything from the accidental discharge of a firearm, to being hit by a bullet intended for someone else, to a targeted assassination.

    Regardless, there’s no contradiction whatsoever in her speaking out against unlawful police brutality. In fact, if relations between police and black communities improved, that could, should and almost certainly would lead to a reduction in violent crime within and to the benefit of those communities. The vast majority of people within those communities are law abiding and they want them to be policed in a manner that’s more consistent with “policing by consent” than that of an invading or occupying force.

    She’s a “horrible person”? I can’t comment on that because I don’t know her and the clips I’ve seen just show a rather earnest woman with strong views who perhaps enjoyed being the centre of attention, but I haven’t seen anything to suggest she was “horrible”. But even if she was, it’s kind of ironic coming from a guy rejoicing in a young person being critically injured by a gunshot wound to the head….
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  8. And on that note, thread closed and moved to wasteland
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