Should Isis Recruits Be Allowed Back To The Uk

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by Topbox, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. Yes and be investigated by police for possible crimes

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  2. Yes unconditionally as UK citizens

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  3. No, they made their bed they should lie in it.

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  4. Double tap

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  1. I realise that a Ducati forum will probably be populated mostly by well established white males but what are your thoughts on this debate most recently highlighted by Shamima Begum.
  2. All the headlines are about her, there could be dozens and if you count males also there could be hundreds, if the law says we can't stop them coming back, we should make it as difficult as posible. She doesn't have any regrets and if it wasn't for the fact that isis has no where left to go I think she'd be quite happy to stay there, she and her cronies have been cornered and she wants the easy way out.
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  3. You need to add a poll :thinkingface:
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    What she did showed her mentality towards 'us' and it's clear this mentality has not changed. The only thing that's changed is her side has lost and she no longer sees a future with them so is after a fallback... Which happens to be the people she hates and has spent years fighting (supporting the cause is still fighting)
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  5. Done
  6. as pish as it is, human rights are human rights. you cant be saying one group is entitled but not the other.
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  7. Where’s the option for a Double tap?
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  8. On the emotive, I'd like to see the law changed so if you go oversea's and joined a recognised terrorist organisation then you should be flagged up and refused re entry into this country for life. If you want to appeal that then you will need to do so through a British embassy in or near the country you have been returned too.

    In reality, she is still technically a U.K. citizen so will probably end up coming back, will be arrested then interviewed.

    In parts of the interview she has given, she seemed more concerned with will she be arrested and her insistence that they will have no proof to prosecute her, it was almost as though, yeah I did it, now prove it. Lets just say she is unlikely to renounce isis.

    There are already laws in place to arrest and jail her and remove her child from her. This has been used recently on the far right idiots who did most of their nonsense online and never left the country but belonged to a terrorist group so were both jailed for 6 and a half and 5 and a half years. I'd like to see equality of application when she, and many other isis people, return to the U.K.
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  9. Scotland is looking for immigrants, since her baby isn't British, neither is her husband perhaps we should house her and her child in the care of Argyll & Bute Council?
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  10. They said it with the way they treat us.

    Dont think we beheaded many captured journalists
  11. IMO, I reckon you can differentiate - these bastards left the UK (supposedly their 'home') and went to join IS (a terrorist organisation calling itself a 'state') and either committed the most horrendous and barbaric of crimes or supported those that did those crimes.

    The crimes cannot even be considered as 'war crimes' - they were much worse.

    The people that left the UK and other states to join IS, have not in any way retained any rights they have in respect of the countries they left.

    They should have their citizenship relinquished by each country they left, so they have to rely on any rights they may be lucky to get in the 'state' they went to support.

    I hope they get none.
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  12. You wrongly assume we the public have a choice in the decision.

    Considering these terrorists have been helped or coaxed to join ISIL. By psyop operations to shift these people from UK shores into a war-zone by mi5 & mi6 (in the british territories) which is a very clever tactic. The whole scenario is full of contradiction with barristers no doubt wring their hands with laughter at how much they will be charging the british tax payer too help these vile people claim human rights, either once here or probably whilst some of them are abroad.

    The torie_scumbags have already helped some White-helmets from Syria reach our shores. And these fuckers helped ISIS literally move the 'seconds after execution' into graves while smiling & laughing. You might wish to know that our government are evil gangsters helping not fighting Islamic State as they rename themselves of late.

    The conservatives should be hung drawn & quartered in public & live-streamed for their crimes. All the while been winked & nudged for corporate positions on oil company boards. Expect that Russian Federation military (invited by President Assad) & Syrian sovereign military have actually destroyed the terrorists the western nations constructed in Yemen (the saudi's are currently trying to eviscerate all evidence) & moved around the region for financial gain. You should face the truth of whats what head on because I personally don't allow the BBC_propaganda bureau into my life. If you are not searching for your own news sources you are been fed lies most likely.
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  13. Scotland is looking for immigrants, since her baby isn't British, neither is her husband perhaps we should house her and her child in the care of Argyll & Bute Council?
    ok, we will take 4% of her.
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  14. Blood too, or just the ‘Pound of Flesh’?
  15. Please add an option for bring back hanging & then she & her cohort to be hung (preferably in public).
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  16. Ask Jeremy. He’s probably wanting several this morning.
  17. The article reinforces my view that these people hate us in the UK so much that they want to go and join proper Muslim ISIS kill anyone who isn't a proper Muslim. Then when it all goes tits up they want to come back and pick up their "entitlements" of health care, housing, benefits.

    Being a civilised society brings out all the academics in support of people like her who want to spend money de radicalising her. It makes my blood boil.

    I just wish there was some penalty, some consequences that she can't just walk back here. My tribal emotions are saying you can fuck right off love. AND now we have the good ol US of A wanting us to take back God knows how many hundreds to process. I Think @outintheopen has the right idea.

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  18. Paintings are “Hung”, people are “Hanged”, but only after due process of the Law when the Law permits that penalty.
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  19. I'm pretty hung
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