Should Isis Recruits Be Allowed Back To The Uk

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by Topbox, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. Yes and be investigated by police for possible crimes

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  2. Yes unconditionally as UK citizens

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  3. No, they made their bed they should lie in it.

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  4. Double tap

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  1. "Broken beyond all hope of repair."

    The UK's commitment to extracting money from productive citizens and pissing it away on a whim is unshakeable.
  2. I clicked double tap but only because there was no "da da da peeoung da da da da da" option
  3. Her face is so well known now, if she does return (as seems likely), she will require police protection due to the threat to her own safety from those whom take umbrage at her activities - irony.....
  4. or maybe giving her Legal aid will keep her whereabouts known to those that need to, and after a short period of news black out, the problem will go out with a bang after all.
    or am i just daydreaming the next plot of Homeland..!
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  5. Witnesses in her camp also claiming she was anything but 'just a housewife'. They're saying she stitched people into suicide vests and was a local enforcer for ISIS, threatening punishments for minor infractions.

    True or not, I really don't know. Doesn't make a difference, she still made her choice
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  6. I agree, though you put it in a much better way than I would have done.
    I just thought ‘that’s not right somehow’
  7. Has she been granted UK citizenship again then? If not how is she allowed legal aid?
  8. Legal aid is available to any case brought in a UK court, not just to UK citizens.
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  9. Thanks for clarifying
  10. It is very difficult to rate which of my two best qualities is greater - my tact or my fuck you.

    It's true! I can't choose!
  11. Tact, in my opinion.
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