Show Me A Picture Of Somewhere Famous Or Infamous You've Been..

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  1. Just come back from a trip to New York and amongst all the striking places to picture there was something about the location that John Lennon was shot.. IMG_0755.jpg
  2. What was the something about the location?
  3. something eery standing next to where one of the most iconic of song writers was gunned down and all the stories that now surround mark Chapmans motivation.
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  4. Just out of curiosity was there a number of locals doing a “tour” of the area telling the tale of the event?

    Last time I went to Dallas there were dozens of people that did the “tour/story telling” of jfk’s assassination close to the grassy knoll.
  5. Didn't have to go far, just down the road from me - the Birth Place of Guy Fawkes - now a pub...


    and closer still, Tyburn where Dick Turpin met his grizzly end...

    tyburn .jpg
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  6. In 1991 I spent a month or two living in Cromwell Street, Gloucester. A few doors down from Fred and Rosemary West.
  7. Yeah usual same as, quite a few doing the tours around central park opposite with strawberry fields and the imagine memorial.
  8. Couldn't help but stare up at the space above downtown manhattan wondering what it would of been like watching the 9/11 atrocity unfold...

  9. Catacombs in Paris... where the dead make a spectacle of themselves.
  10. Visit to San Francisco and pier 39. A word of advice, if there are a lot of seals there, check the wind direction, they effin honk

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  11. Back in early 2000's had a trip with some friends to this place and what a delightful property with a panoranic view. Eagles-nest-germany.png
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  12. I think i stopped here for a week once in Tenerife , early 70's, i was only 5 but when i watched the film it all came flooding back.
  13. Was here for a while and not for a holiday
  14. Some of you have probably been to Mexico's caribbean coast?

    Here is the Cancun arrivals lounge and the control tower in '73.
    Ccn terminal 73.jpg Ccn tower.jpg
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  15. ‘would have been like’ (just trying to help)
  16. IMG_1054 (3).JPG

    If you ever watched "Breaking Bad".....
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  17. IMG_1052 (2).JPG

    Spot the sign on the front lawn - "Do Not Throw Pizza onto the Roof" ...... - another Breaking Bad location.....
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  18. Hitlers bunker in Berlin. Now a car park.

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  19. Old Meborne Gaol and the gallows from which Ned Kelly was hanged:

    And his death mask with visible rope marks on display in a case in the foyer:
  20. I’ve been to @finms garage, but never took any pictures...
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