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Show Us Your Non-ducati Classics

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by gazza77, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. Not the best of shots, but here is my latest addition to my motoring fold. A 1955 Sunbeam S8, which has been in the family since about 1965. Just taken ownership from my Uncle, so looking forward to getting out on it next summer.

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  2. My little Motobi 250ss

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  3. My little 1972 HondaST70

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  4. My 1943 BSA WM20 .Second owner since 1948 TZML3173.jpg
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  5. My 1980 MotoGuzzi Le Mans:

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  6. The bike on the left is my CB390 project.

    built from a CB360 base with 70mm HC pistons to give 389cc, fully rewired with motogadget keyless ignition, dual disk front end from a period correct CB550, etc etc

    really fun project !


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  7. FAE376B8-53B3-4F20-9B30-233EFA19C72D.jpeg EA417F4C-07C4-4F4D-9F94-E1BEA8B792DD.jpeg Here are mine, the James 197 is a keeper, bought it for my father to enjoy in his twilight years (he had one in the 50’s), when he fails his final MOT I’ll have it back with loads of great memories attached to it, the CB750 SOHC I might sell next year, enjoyed building it but I rarely ride it now, took it to the TT a couple of years ago, it was great fun going over the mountain, handles well considering it was mainly designed in the 60’s!
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  8. My triumph t70 1938, Been in my good ladies family from new, just recently completed as a last request from her dad before he passed away. Wasnt too sure at first but once I started restoring it really enjoyed getting to grips with the classic engineering and looks 20190213_202309.jpg 20170926_183423.jpg
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  9. My 1976 Z900 a4 .Bought as a project .Full nut and bolt job over a couple of years. Always wanted one back in the day but was never in a position to get one. CDAA9F27-1A3B-49CB-B849-D335B10836DB.jpeg 849B2609-DD16-4232-B81B-D2CBB0774099.jpeg
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  10. thumbnail.png
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  11. R1 R6 1.jpg
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  12. IMG_5679.JPG
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  13. IMG_2078.jpg
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  14. IMG_20191023_205458.jpg

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  15. 1F80AE4D-5ED3-40C0-8A0A-8B87D59EDB23.jpeg 82611DE5-110E-451C-945F-445C9C73500C.jpeg 4D0B1A31-07D8-4E71-B3B2-670173891354.jpeg 1F80AE4D-5ED3-40C0-8A0A-8B87D59EDB23.jpeg 82611DE5-110E-451C-945F-445C9C73500C.jpeg 4D0B1A31-07D8-4E71-B3B2-670173891354.jpeg My 86 GSXR-750 not really a classic in the strict sense more the bike I just missed out on when I got my full licence back in 88 as the slabbie wasn’t available to buy new anymore probably for the best :eek: given my approach to riding back then. Pic with my current duc included for the hell of it. Ps the 750 is a G jdm import wearing F model fairing which is as I purchased it and my favoured look for the 750.
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  16. My 1988 Gsxr750J .

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  17. 83D9963F-BFF4-4DC6-99AE-06CCA696630F.jpeg A53BF689-50AB-4ADA-A800-B9A48EB36DA2.png Recently sold and awaiting collection ..
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. IMG_8234.JPG
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