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Showa 3 Way Adjustable Forks

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Mark9, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. For reference, they do fit, feel much plusher than the Marzochis, definitely recommend them as an upgrade.
  2. Sorry just seen this. Yes. And a massive improvement :upyeah:
  3. as above - missed it, sorry. I bought a new pair from Italy around 4 years ago for just over £200 posted, wish I had bought a spare pair.
  4. I paid £200 for mine second hand, VGC though, i get the feeling it’s the best £200 I’ll ever spend on this bike!
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  5. But it won't be the last £200 you spend on it. Ask me how I know.

    PS. I've got some of those forks too!
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  7. For reference, the adjustable Showas are taller than non-adjustable which means they can clash with the handlebars on early Monsters when set at the correct ride height. Higher handlebar risers or raising the front of the bike accommodate this. If raising the front of the bike it’s best to raise the back end too with Louigi Moto spacers in the wishbone or a longer link rod for later bikes.

    Other things which change on later Monsters are the brake calliper fixing centres, the front Mudguard fixings and the speedo drive.

    Don’t forget too that the Supersport forks are similar, but started life with stiffer springs than the Monster. Could be anything in there now though as they are probably twenty years old and may have been “improved”.
  8. So true. Over a bikes life the internals can be changed (for good or bad) by so many people. I could tell you about the ride from my Showa forks, but are they still original Showa components inside?
  9. That’s a good point I’d never think about. All mine had clip ons, as they were for track, so would t notice. Only that they stick thru the yokes a bit more. I had the lifters on the rear from the start anyway. Another thing to consider (worked for me after some advice from Dan Kyle in USA) is to raise the front too. Ie the whole bike, which meant flip flops and chicanes we’re really easy to get side to side, and you don’t lose any stability which can come with dropping the front. (Not an issue on the 600, doesn’t go fast enough for wobbles!!)
  10. I’ve put mine through the top yoke by 13mm, there’s another 2mm to go before the top adjuster hits the original handle bars, it’s still just possible to adjust the rebound screws with a fine screwdriver but it’s a faff, it “feels” as though I have the same ride height as before but I’ll check the original forks and compare tomorrow and report back for others reference.
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  11. Iirc on my 583 I lifted the forks to flush on the top and added max lift on the rear with the adjusters. It was quite tall
  12. A22E8F08-005B-43F1-8C51-599B93DD4A39.jpeg F155E040-4503-4802-BA31-4B259F69FF48.jpeg Now there’s a surprise, Showa forks fully extended (bike on Yoke stand) from centre of axle to join between ally top cap and fork 720mm, Marzocchi same measurement 725mm, I’m assuming they are Marzocchi, doesn’t say Marzocchi on them.
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  13. What does lock thread mean Neil?
  14. I’d guess fat thumb and meant to be useful
  15. My guess too :)

    I had a look at an old M900 sales brochure on EBay, it shows that the forks are pulled a long way through the yoke!, see photo, as Darkness said there’s no way you could get this set up with the 3 way adjustable Showas fitted due to their adjusters clashing with the bars, (apologies Darkness I thought you were referring to the fork length in your post), the steering is OK but a tad slow so I’ve ordered a pair of bar risers that will allow me to pull more fork through the yoke, I’ll see how that goes then maybe order hoop jacks if I feel the steering needs speeding up further.

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