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Sierra R’s Cosworth Barn Find 80k?!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bradders, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. The link has expired whatever that means?,but i do know a bloke that has a black RS500 with low mileage/number and could be worth £100.000.:eek:
  2. It was a video of an auction. They hadn’t even washed the car, it was still covered in shit! Started at 28k, and rose to 80k.
  3. I miss my old cosworth!

    £2000 I paid for mine.
  4. I know someone, amongst his collection of cars which include a Porsche 918, Ferrari F40 etc.... He also owns a RS500, its one of his favourite, if you are in your 40's - 50's you might understand. If I had the money there is no limit I would pay for a Escort RS1800.
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  5. I had two sold the last one with 360bhp for £4,000
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  6. That’s fucking crazy but a fool and his money...
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  7. A lottery win would see an RS500 in the garage, defo. :upyeah:

    Sold my Cosworth for £5,500 about 25 years ago, although it was a Sapphire. It looks like it's long since gone to the Cossie graveyard in the sky. :confused:

    Screenshot 2019-11-03 at 15.44.06.png
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  8. Yip - darent think what our old 5 Turbo Raider would cost now....ours was owned by renault for 2 years and driven round tracks by Nigel Mainsail himself.... Renault 1.JPG
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  9. I wish I still had my Mazda 323 1800 Gti.....the hatchback not the fastback.

    Also had a Sierra 4x4 2.800i....nice car but overly impressed with the handling.
  10. Chav’s car regardless of how much they sell for.
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  11. Man after my own heart. If I won £160 million first car I would buy is a mk 2 Escort RS1800, bloody hell I’ve only ever seen one and that was on the back of a trailer. I’ve seen more Ferrari 250 GTO’s. last I checked they fetching £100,000 plus. But I love them. I’m 53 so remember Fords heyday in late 70’s early 80’s before the Quattro appeared. Was lucky to own a few RS models during the 80’s. Fantastic cars.

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  12. Well, just to add - while im not a car nut by a long chalk but ill dive in if the chance is good....might be able to get a completely knackered non running skyling r32 gtr for literally nothing (in relation to how much they now cost)....letting the owner stew on it for a while...
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  13. 1800 had the roll top Scheel seats. Not the fishnet Recaros.

    Being an ex Ford Dagenham apprentice in the mid 80's. There were RS cars aplenty in the training school. Even a couple of RS200's.

    Getting to work in the Evaluation Dept, I got to drive prototype and development cars at a young age.

    The Heritage Museum cars were also kept in there, before the museum opened by the old foundry. FEV 1H was a popular car to sit in!
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  14. I like a 6R4 Metro if anyones getting rid.Cant pay bugger all but Id like one.
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  15. Used to love them until I had one
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  16. I think I have a photo of Jimmy McRae in his 6R4 i will see if I can find it
    He was following us on the road stage of the RAC rally in Wales in believe
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  17. Very cool, has a 79 Fiesta w/a Kent 4 in it ,ran strong would love to find one now.
  18. DEDD4C7A-5ED5-4683-B829-C9C3FF2041DA.jpeg Incredible collection, would love to know the history of how that came about. The Panther Kallista reminds me of the day someone came in to swap his roadgoing RS200 for a Solo. He’d already got through a clutch in hardly any miles because first gear was so tall. The Solo was nowhere near ready for production, so a lucky escape.
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