Silverstone May 31st

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  1. Booked.

    I might ask a few locals if they are interested too.
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  2. I did have this one booked, but rescheduled as I'm in Jerez for 4 days.
    Just wanted to say I'm in Jerez for 4 days...:cool:
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  3. Hate you.
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  4. Have fun :)

    Hate is a strong word, but might be appropriate, sure can go off some people.
  5. I've asked a few of the locals, one is working in Japan < any excuse, has already booked Bedford in June 24th, CR you interested in doing Bedford on that date?

    I think the others like the idea (they mentioned this date to me weeks back) but won't commit. I don't know if Richard with the V4, who took it round Portimao is on this forum. He did mention this date, but he'll perhaps be at Jerez with Nelly...
  6. I have booked 6th July and that date has disappeared off the radar, will phone up to see if I can change to this one.
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  7. Who knows what bike il be on though :thinkingface:
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  8. I'm guessing not a Busa, Harley or 1098.

    I booked this online, and was asked to complete a riders questionnaire which I did. The booking is not complete until we get this questionnaire. I didn't get any auto confirmation. I assume I am booked in. I've sent them an email, rather confirmation be in writing, but will have to call if I don't hear anything... Looks like the booking process has changed since the last one.
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  9. It gets properly hot in Jerez in the summer (like 40deg hot), so take some tyres, your mankini and some sun oil :)
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  10. Silverstone have got a funny booking system.
    Il possibly be on either an r1 or my 996.
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  11. Are you likely to be at Silverstone 31st Graeme?
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  12. Picman is t
    Never leave home without them...:kissing_heart:
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  13. I'll be there, not sure whether will be on a smallboys track bikes gixer 6, 765 or my own 675 track bike. Not sure about risking the 899 :confused:
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  14. I really fancy a blast on one of Matts 765, they look like loads of fun
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  15. Yeah he's done a good job of making them, I think it'll definately be one of those for Silverstone but I'll end up falling in love and being very poor shortly after the actual Daytona is released : unamused:
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  16. So the block from the Stripple has been released, what I think he's done is take that, tune it, put it on a Daytona frame, Daytona fairings, relevant race bits and hey presto, 765 Daytona track bike