Silverstone Motogp 2019

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  1. i’ve scored tickets for this year’s MotoGP at Silverstone Sunday Aug 25th. Never been before. It’s 4 1/2 hours drive. I’m looking for advice on travel: should I drive down that morning-I understand there’ll be slow traffic to enter, or is it best to travel down Saturday and stay overnight somewhere nearish? What sort of time is best to get there?
    Advice appreciated.
  2. You’ll be hard pressed to find accommodation anywhere within 30 or 40 miles of the circuit this late so you might look at coming down 2/3rds of the way on the Saturday so you only have an hour to do on Sunday. Car or bike ? Bike parking is easy and totally separate from the cars. Getting in to the circuit by car will start to be slow from about 8am but your worry is the 2 or even 3 hours it will take you to get out of the car park which is usually chaos. I’d almost be inclined to recommend trailering your bikes to the Saturday overnight stop and ride the bikes in from there. Andy
  3. Getting out is a nightmare and no real way around it. :(
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  4. Travelling by car.
    So best bet is travel down Sat. Stay nearby where possible. Arrive 9am ish but expect to leave track late after traffic jam dies down?
  5. If you can get local enough, bring bicycles, at least you can leave the car and not spend over an hour getting out the car park :upyeah:
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  6. I *could* stick a cycle in the back of the car, but as i’m probably staying 10+ miles away and just getting back to normal after a heart bypass, I think i’ll pass on that @bradders !
    Thanks for the thought, though.
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  7. Camping is the way forward... Unless like last year it rains non stop for the entire weekend and the race is cancelled...
    That said, I will give it another bash this year.. it's a good blast in the camping area, plenty of entertainment and from camping you can smuggle in ya own booze...
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  8. Too old @chizel for camping! I value my comfort and sleep. I’ll leave the outdoor life to the young.
  9. Fair enough bud... It's a bit of a bitch by car unless you get there early/ leave late...
    @brettski lives not far from there and might be able to give better info..
    @brettski ? You out there? ( He's always "out there")
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  10. I plan to stay somewhere like Milton Keynes (10-15 miles) and drive in after early breakfast. Would that be ok?
  11. @Not Carl Fogarty lives in those parts... He knows the way... He's shit company but might give some advice...
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  12. Getting in is easy, be careful of parking because it’s notorious for charging £25 or something a day and no alternative...and it’s not well signposted either

    Getting out is a nightmare. On a bike, I watched the rookies after and left and still took 20 mins to get to the a46
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  13. Thanks @bradders I’ve got parking paid for, and have planned to f* about for a while after the finish as i’ve heard getting out is a PITA.
  14. I've struggled to get places for people to stay who've visited us around GP weekends.

    MK... is not too far, & doesn't take too long on a bike.

    I use the A5 past Sausage Cafe to head that way.
    Might be road works? Towcester can be a bottle a neck sometimes but I've never had an issue, and are alternative routes.
    If the A5 is shut for any reason, it can be a long diversion.

    I don't remember traffic (ever) being too bad, but I don't mind to filter on a bike.
    Watch out for Speed Cameras, there aren't many if any fixed ones, but there will be mobile ones out.

    I live 15 mins on the other side of MK, not in MK.
    Mk is a bit a bit of mixed bag I find, depends on your budget/prefrences.
    If you stay in Center MK, it's ok but the odd bike does go missing.

    You'll get across MK in 15mins on a bike... The A5 in 15mins ish...
    We are about 25/30mins from Silverstone I guess. I tend to adjust my speed accordingly so not 100%.
    From Center MK could maybe do it in 20 mins if really keen < allow more.

    I live in a Market town not that disimlar to Woburn < is Ok.
    Stony Stratford looks ok, other side of MK.

    Near enough to London, far enough away, M1, Airports and the Trains... prices vary.
    Mk will be cheaper than some small surrounding towns, and food will be less fussy, more commerical chain type no need to book in most places for a table.

    If you stay this side of the M1, I'd recommend a pub Near Cranfield (Carrington Arms) for a Steak, but you need to book. They might even do accomadation. Breakfast Super Sausage Cafe pottersbury.
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  15. Think the OP is travelling by car
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  16. That changes things a little, but probably still be ok in and around MK, until approaching Towcester /A5.
    Might have tail backs. Traffic can get bad in an around Silverstone. That's to be expected.

    Accommodation will prob be the issue.
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  17. Sorted accommodation at Northampton Travelodge.
  18. Sorry missed all of that - sort of out here sitting sun in canaries at min o_O
  19. Depending on how much you want to pay - premier inn in Aylesbury- we’ll be travelling that way - takes you in back way through Dadford about 35-40 min drive - PM if you want more info
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  20. You unlucky fucker!!
    Completely off topic but when is ya party happening dawg?